Home in the Woods: A Little Glimpse of Heaven

As I pushed the front door open, I looked up and my heart skipped.  I instantly knew this was the one.  I had been eyeballing this one for months before we ever knew we were approved. I felt that at home feeling as much as anyone can from online photos on a realty website but put this one on a shelf mentally because it wasn’t in the town we were looking at.

My husband and I both had a checklist we were going by if we were really going to do this thing.  If we were going to purchase a home, we hoped it was something we could see ourselves growing old in together, unless God had other plans of course.

I feel it a small miracle (no miracle is small…nevermind) that they put this beauty up for sale in the late fall. People usually don’t shop for homes in the winter around here. It was like God held it just for us. I give Him the credit for all good things.

Some of you know that we were approved for a home loan last month and we have been searching for a home that fits our family (since my desire to do full time missions overseas wasn’t appearing to be in God’s plan right now and since we have been renting for the past 7 years holding onto the idea).

Okay, so part of the reason for 7 years of renting may have been due to many other reasons too, which I may write about one day, but missions was definitely a big one and my favorite of all reasons.

So this gorgeous 2800 sqft 2 bath 4 bedroom home (with potential for more bedrooms, mancave etc), has a 2 car garage and sits on 3.8 acres, half of which is wooded.  The neighbors on each side or far off yet within walking distance and the front and back and sides all have wooded views.

It had everything on our checklist except that Matt can’t park his semi here or even take it down the lil country road due to a weight limit, but just a couple miles away they are building a new truck stop so we were okay with that.

A plus is that my folks live just a couple miles down the road. We didn’t really plan on moving out of the town we currently live in, but in our price range and what we desired, this was perfect.  It was about $100,000 less than some like this I have seen in our current town!  Plus this town has cheaper taxes, a great school district with smaller schools, and we are still able to be only 20 minutes away from church and friends all while paying less than we were in rent!

Our offer was accepted (after a counter offer ping ponged back and forth twice) and papers are signed!  We are awaiting the inspection which is scheduled for this Saturday morning.  I am praying all comes back clean.  In the event something needs to be fixed, they are supposed to fix it or we are allowed out of the contract.  If all goes well, our closing date should be before or by May 5th.








front yard





side yard (tulips and a pecan tree)


side and part of back yard (sunroom on back)





oops I cut off the top of the bird house


back yard (see our neighbors way through the trees? I like space so I can go outside and sing the theme song to The Sound of Music without disturbing folks…)


Our dream yard was to be in the woods (We have a thing for tall trees, God cares about details!)


It goes back a bit (3.8 acres total so half regular half woods)


more back yard


and this pretty tree is on the side


beside that pretty tree up there




bathroom upstairs remodeled


new wood floors that match all throughout the upstairs , all gray walls (my favorite yay) with white trim throughout upper level (all new windows)



new kitchen everything, including light fixtures and the really cool round one that dims



okay I forgot the stove isn’t new, I didn’t remember until I looked at this photo again – but it works so it is a blessing – I am digging the modern drawers (remind me of the furniture I picked out when I played the Sims game…)


big deep sink with view of the woods outside window


yes I had to take a photo of the updated vents too, this guy went all the way


cozy living room with gas fireplace and built-in shelving


the door leads to the other 1200 sqft basement that is mostly finished (but no photos sorry..I got distracted by the upper level – the bottom is one big open area that is a bedroom currently – my daughter called dibs on it, she likes gymnastics so I rather agreed that she should play and flip down there until further notice haha)

Through those doors is my favorite which I saved for last:

The Sunroom (Aka: Writing Room!)



love that they left the brick exposed




I still can’t get over the view from the sunroom

I am excited to sip coffee and study in there, and watch as the trees bloom!


PS: Thanks for stopping by and joining us on our journey and thank you for all your prayers and encouraging words!

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11 thoughts on “Home in the Woods: A Little Glimpse of Heaven

  1. God is awesome, as Sally likes to say. I believe he has a plan for our lives even when we don’t understand. you are Loved and that the most important thing in this world and beyond,

    1. It really seems that way! I am so thankful and glad to be able to share our joy with others. I’m excited about having people over and seeing where God takes us next! Have a great day 🙂

  2. I love this. By now, you are settled and loving it all even more! I am moseying around getting to know you a bit better, Meg.

    1. Linda if I remember rightly, this is the first house we loved but things fell through Matt was in a wreck and lost his job. We had to wait a bit longer after this but God worked it out! We could have gotten this one but decided on a cheaper home on less land and we know it worked out this way for a reason. God always is in the details if we only look!! But yes there’s posts about all this and the journey in between. Thanks so much for caring!!! Prayers & blessings!

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