The Power of Influence

“They shouted louder and louder for Jesus’ death, and their voices prevailed.” -Luke 23:23


 “But they kept at it, a shouting mob, demanding that he be crucified. And finally they shouted him down. Pilate caved in and gave them what they wanted.” -Luke 23:23 Message

I have been a part of the Seamless study, a book written by Ange Smith. There were some areas in the Bible that seemed like pieces of a bigger picture, but I just couldn’t seem to place them.

Luke 23:23 isn’t one of those, rather, it is verse I hadn’t really parked at before.

The other day when I read Angie’s words, it was like the Imagination Station from Adventures in Odyssey warped me back in time to this event.

I pictured an angry mob, shouting as they glanced at each other and upward toward Pilate.

I wondered if there happened to be some people in the middle of all this rioting who were not even supposed to be there that day, but were sucked in by all the drama.

Maybe some came from rumors, some heading home from the market.

I wondered if many of them were confused as to what was going on, but by the power of peer pressure, threw their fists in the air as well, and joined in with the loud crowd.

That crowd… that mob, had to start somewhere. And maybe I need to do more digging, maybe some of you already have read scripture that paints more of what led up to this.

Either way, it got me thinking about the power of influence and surrounding pressure.

Even when that pressure didn’t make a lick of sense! (free the criminal, kill the innocent)

I want to use the sphere of influence God has given me to bless, uplift, give Hope, and speak Life & Truth in love.  If you are reading this, you probably do too.


Reflect on the power of Luke 23:23 if you haven’t before.  In the times we are living in, it especially holds a great deal of weight.


*I challenge you today to think of an area of influence you have been given, no matter how great or small in your eyes, and commit to taking positive action.

Action tends to speak louder than words most of the time.


  • After shopping, choose to go the extra few feet and return the cart to its proper place.
  • Decide to only eat out or order delivery if you have enough to tip well, and give an encouragement while you are at it.  A simple smiley face or God bless goes a long way. My husband was a delivery driver for years and so we see both sides of the coin.
  • When you want to vent on social media, take your frustrations to God instead and in place of posting negative, decide to share something you are grateful for.
  • Think of someone who needs encouragement.  Leave them an anonymous note in their screen door, with an uplifting scripture and tell them they matter.
  • Pay for someone’s meal behind you in a drive-through.
  • Leave things better than the way you found them. Whatever that looks like where you are at, or even if it just means speaking up about something rather than ignoring it.
  • Leave people with Hope.

Those are just a few simple suggestions that don’t seem major to us sometimes, but remember the world is watching us. Let’s lead by example. Let’s use our influence for good. Let’s be good stewards together! It’s a character thing.

Be blessed this Tuesday morning!


**sharing this with #TellHisStory link up at Jennifer Dukes Lee’s blog**

2 thoughts on “The Power of Influence

  1. Hi Meg,
    I love all these ideas of offering hope and giving back to those we encounter every day! And I was so excited to read that the Seamless study was offering some deep pondering for your soul — I love that! It’s interesting that with your husband’s past job that you have the perspective from giving and receiving — isn’t it strange and yet so amazing how God gives us those perspectives? Always love reading your thoughts here! xo

    1. Yes Seamless is amazing! I am nearing the end but will definitely be going back over it again. ~The perspective thing is such a blessing indeed! It is the same with him driving a semi – we have more patience & compassion on truck drivers now. Thank you for reading today, I always appreciate your input!

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