Hanging out in the Hallway


The papers were signed. The deadline was met.

The phone calls were made.  A bill was paid.

Waiting, waitin’, wait.

In the hallway we wait.

The inspection on our hopefully soon-to-be home has been completed. Agreement on repairs are good to go and in the works.

Waiting, waitin’, wait.

In the hallway we wait.

The garage has me nervous because of the crack, rather large.  But it is detached, away from the home and so my hope is the appraisal guy won’t see it as an issue, throwing a kink in things.

Waiting, waitin’, wait.

In the hallway we wait.

How many days I do not know.  Could be a couple of weeks.  Eek.

This is the moment of total trust.  To keep a good attitude, keep living life to its fullest, try to figure out what to pack like we are moving – while not really knowing 100% about it all.

This is the moment of total trust.  But I can breathe a bit easier now because we’ve done what we could do, now it truly is all in God’s hands.  It was all along; you know what I mean, silly.


I hold a pot in my hands.

I look at a box.

I look back at the pot.

I put it back.

“I think I will have to use this before we move though..,” I think to myself.

And so, …I haven’t packed much though our closing is estimated for May 5th.


Next week is spring break.

Remember the reservations we made to stay in a tree-house for 2 days?

Yup. It’s coming up quick.

Which means by the time it’s over and Matt is back on the road, there will only be 2 weeks left until move day.

If all goes well.


Lord, help me to trust You and not let my brain carry me to places I can’t control. Help me to continue having a thankful heart, a clear mind, a motivated body and an encouraging spirit even in the midst of our I-don’t-know’s.

Are you standing in a hallway somewhere spiritually?

Because yes, there’s that too.  I am there too. 


Let’s keep glorifying God and loving in the moment we are in, hallway or not!


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11 thoughts on “Hanging out in the Hallway

  1. What a great image. Waiting in the hallway. I have those seasons in life and praise Him anyway. Thank you for this post and I will pray over your closing and your spring break! Treehouse? YES! Have a blessed time.

  2. We are living the same thing almost it seems 🙂 . I am glad to have you as my best friend and be able to share our thoughts over this experience. !

  3. God has taught me so much in the hallways of my life when I started on purpose looking for Him there too. A hallway is really not a restful place because it connect us to another place. but some hallways are very long, some have curves in them, some of incredible short, some have things to enjoy while we walk through them, some are dark, some are light but all are designed to deepen our trust. Its needed when our hallway contains a hard place. Great post.

  4. Hi Meg,
    Oh how difficult it is to wait when our hearts are eager to move on to our next place of promise! I’m so excited for your move and although it’s a journey of ups and downs, I know you are following where God is leading you — I can’t wait to hear about the rest of this exciting adventure!

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