How to {not} be Discouraged.

How does one not be in a continuous state of discouragement in this life?  We can have Hope! We can praise God!  He is worthy!

Keep reading to see how Hope is applied.


Chapter 1:

The Phone Call

Ring, ring, blared the low end Nokia cell phone.

My husband answered promptly as he tried to figure out which way to turn at the current intersection we were stopped at.

I glanced around at the familiar area and gave him a look with my famous left brow propped up rather high.

It didn’t faze him. He looked right through me, focused on the person at the other end of the line. After some nodding and umm hmming, the words that left his lips left me with a sick feeling inside.

It was the broker and I was hoping for good news only.

At this point in our home-buying adventure, we had done everything on our end and now awaited the results from the appraiser.


He hung up the phone well after he turned right onto highway 60.

“So?” I asked nervously, sitting on my hands.

Because I couldn’t get the full context from what Matt said only.  Sometimes I can figure out what the other party has said by his replies, but this one left me stumped.

“He said the appraiser can not tell him the full results, but he did say he was docking points for the age of the house, the floor in the garage and the broken window.” He cleared his throat and straightened his back, “He is going to tell the seller he needs to replace the window, but he also said he has a feeling the value is going to end up being lower than our purchase price.”

Ugghhhhhhhh said my mind, as we got closer to our home town.

Chapter 2

Case of the Queezies

I drew in a long, deep breath.

Trust, trust.

Then Lauren Daigle’s song popped into my mind and played like a built-in radio.

“Either the seller will agree to sell it to us for the lower amount if it comes back that way, or he can take it off the market and fix it even more to bring up the value, then try again, or he will have to wait until someone comes along with that much cash,” Matt said matter of factly.

I stared straight ahead.

Normally I had lots to say, but this time my stomach gained ground on me and got queezy real quick.

I hate that. How does it have a right to determine how I feel?

What if I want to feel happy still?

Do circumstances really have that much say in how my body responds? Not the I’m going to lose it thing – I had already determined I was going to remain even-tempered no matter what, but it’s like my insides were fighting with me. Literally warring.

They wanted me to lose it but I refused.

I remained silent, pondering God’s sovereignty as the trees blurred by.

Maybe my flesh didn’t gain ground on me then.

Maybe my spirit really was growing stronger in Christ!

This is a classic case of Faith VS Feelings, I thought to myself.

I bought a book by Joyce Meyer once, it was about controlling your emotions and standing on God’s truth, regardless of how you f-e-e-l at the time, because feelings can shift like the wind.

It was a great book, though I never finished it, which seems to be a trend with me. And I shutter at this confession.  Because I am a book lover, a writer…

Well, Meghan, how dare you? How can you be a lover of books yet never finish them?

It goes something like this: I get convicted and know I need help. I pray, go the Word and  usually buy a book on the subject, read and am completely wowed and eventually grow from the application of the advice {always with God’s help, always} …but seeing a turn around before I finish the book, I  forget to go back and read the end…I guess because the issue isn’t as prevalent as it was before.

Never seem to get tired of my Bible though.  I read it in all stages of life: the good, the bad, the ugly duckling.

Interesting, Meghan…but can you please get back to the conversation in the car?  You’ve trailed off for a while now – and though I, your reader, am polite…I do wish to read the end result…

Chapter 3

Quiet Confidence

Matt was cool. Matt was calm. Matt was almost always collected.

My husband, the goofy guy in a crowd, has more wisdom in the way he is in hairy situations than he will ever know.

It isn’t because I haven’t tried telling him, it’s because it comes naturally to him almost.

Let me show you:

“Hey hun, so what will we do if the appraiser comes in lower?”

Matt tilts his head while driving, “It’s like I said before, the seller will either do what he has to do to sell it or he won’t.”

“Are you concerned at all? I just hope it all works out…,” I trail off, looking out my window.

“Well, if it works out then we know God wanted us in that house, if it doesn’t then He has something better for us.”

That man. Wow.

I wanted to argue. Not in a mean way. But in a doubtful way.

It almost felt phony going on that phrase: “If not, God has something better for us.”

I mulled over his words for a bit. I knew God knew best, but I really wanted this house.

I pictured doing ministry out of this house.  I had holy ideas for this house.

Then I realize something and it totally interrupted the track my brain train was speeding on.

My prayers had been answered. And continue to be…

I prayed for so many years and still do daily, that our marriage would grow more in God each day.

I have caught a glimpse of something here.

There are times when Matt is unsure about something and the Holy Spirit wells up inside of me, and I am overflowing with enough Hope for the both of us. So I encourage and uplift him. He  is then brought up from the depth of the unsureness he was experiencing.

I say depth because he may still experience it, as we all do in life when the unknown shows it face. But when doubt and such is reminded that God is bigger, that Hope does wonders to the spirit, soul, mind and body.

In my own experience, namely the one I am writing about today -I have saw first firsthand what a believer who is confident in God can do for another who experiencing anxiousness.

When the unsure one was myself,  God used my husband to lift me up.  Ultimately, God lifted me up. But His Holy Spirit lives inside of Matt too, so He uses us to help each other.

It is not that Matt wasn’t nervous about the whole house ordeal necessarily, but the Holy Spirit welled up in him when he needed Him, and He reminded Matt of the Truth.  The Truth was, that no matter what happens in this house-buying process, God has the whole world in His hands. And it is going to be okay not because of a house, but because God is God and we trust Him with our lives.

Matt then shared that Truth with me and though my body didn’t receive it right at first, my spirit did because I am a believer too.

Once the spirit inside has confirmed Truth and it makes its way up to the mind, it affects the soul and body.  So God’s Word literally brought peace to me.

I had to repeat it in my head over and over while we were on our way home: God knows best, God knows best. Which went from me reminding myself, to a personal conversation with Him: Lord, You know best, You know best.

By the time we got home I did not have time to worry because I had to unload the van and unpack.

Matt gathered the kids back together to go help him pick up sticks and twigs in the back yard so that he could mow before he had to leave out the next morning.

By the time he finished mowing, I had started my grocery store list and we headed out to complete that task as well.

Once again, my brain did not have time to worry about the house situation.  Inwardly, I just kept repeating that Truth.

Then came more unloading, then tucking in and finally, sleep.

Chapter 4

Hope Wins

So yesterday on our way back from a relaxing vacation, the unknown showed its face and tried to shake us.

It almost shook me but God used my husband to remind me of Hope.

That we can have Hope no  matter what.

Because it’s much better to have Hope than to not.  It just makes sense!

When life is uncertain, we can rest inside knowing that God always has been God and always will be God.

That fact alone has brought me much peace.

And so, as I sat down this morning after taking Matt to his truck across the way, I noticed this huge difference in my guts.

Yes, guts.

The anxiousness was way down, almost diminished.

Truth and a good night’s sleep do wonders.

I can end this post today with a smile on my face, even though I do not know what the appraiser will say.

We are supposed to hear back from them today or tomorrow.

I will continue to Hope for the best – and God knows what that best looks like.

Surrendering by laying down my will, my way, my desires, and what I think best looks like at His feet -isn’t always easy at first, but His love conditions us to become more reliant on His plan, His purposes for us, over our own.

I Hope you, blessed and lovely reader, will choose Hope today in your own life and unknown situations. He holds us dearly in His hands and longs to guide us.

And so, I leave you with…



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9 thoughts on “How to {not} be Discouraged.

  1. Oh I remember the roller coaster emotions when my husband and I were house hunting! It’s so excited and exhausting at the same time! Trusting in God is about the only thing you can do. God will plant you right where he wants you. It might not look exactly like you picture it, but stay hopeful in his plan for you!

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