God’s Thoughts Include Us


Welcome, my dear friends!  I am delighted you stopped by today, so much that I want today to emphasize how delighted GOD is in YOU.

  I have been floating around in Psalms a lot lately, which isn’t unusual for me.  In fact, I can’t stay out of it. I can be doing a study somewhere completely different in the Bible but still seem to need my Psalm fix for the day.

How about you? Is there a particular book of the Bible that just grabs you each time?

David’s heart, longing for closeness with God and love of words and songs really resonates with me.  I also feel the desperate need for God’s daily mercies because when I mess up, I feel it so bad and plead for that guilt to be removed so I can move on and have grown from whatever “mess up or sin” I found myself in.

My desire is that I will find myself in sin less and less – and in this daily faith walk, as I seek God daily, I will be so consumed by Him that there won’t be room for sin.

I  want my daily decisions to be made by using HIS wisdom. I desire for my friendships to be watered using HIS love and Truth. I hope and pray that daily habits are created in my life which will help mold my family into who our Father in Heaven desires us to be, as we live in this world but are not OF it.

And though we may not be singing on a stage in front of thousands, or living in Africa doing full time mission work, we are glorifying God with the table set before us, ever thankful.

As my mind and heart are glazed by His graces that whisk me away each day, I am overcome by glorious gratitude for this Creator and Savior who I don’t deserve but have been given a relationship with.

What joy!!!!!  The recovering perfectionist in me has nothing on a great God who sent His only Son to die for me, us, whom He already knew would fall short of His majesty!


  So even in the mess we sometimes create or find ourselves in, know God is bigger and has a glorious amount of Grace for us.  He is the perfect Father guiding and helping His children along in their journey.

When I think of how small I really am and how great our God really is and that He cares for us like He does, I am just awed.

All this is what causes me to have butterflies in my stomach as I create images with His promises on them and share His delights with you, my friend.

I can’t get enough His Word. I can’t tell you enough how He has carried us through some really dark places. How He protected us from bullets that should have went through a wall behind us and straight into our backs.

I have so many testimonies if any of you are ever in doubt.  And these I remind myself with, when I find myself there, back at that place where the enemy tried to whisper lies…because it happens.  Yet God is patient and kind and never leaves us in these weak moments. He is right there by our side the whole time!


I encourage you to meditate on these two main scriptures this week and really ponder on how much God loves you and cares for you no matter how many times you fall down. Because as we start to dwell on HIS awesomeness, it takes our minds off of our flesh which so commonly sets us back.

Let His perfectness and perfect love for you, fling you forward past those pesky doubts and into His loving arms.


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Are you a faith-filled blogger?  Do you enjoy digging in God’s Word? When we seek Him, we find Him and He reveals revelations and wonderful Truths that need to be applied to our daily lives.

This is a brand new venture for me, but in my desire to build community and walk out in faith, I felt led to host a “God’s Word” based link-up that will challenge myself (and you if you want to join in!) to dig into scripture a little deeper.

If you want to jump into what God is doing here, I invite you to share your post with us each week @ Tea & Word Tuesdays #TWT ~ The link up will go live at 9am each Tuesday.

Theme for April:

  • A favorite go-to Scripture
  • A scripture that spoke to you recently

Theme for May:

  • Hope & Scripture that reminds us of this Hope

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