When Circumstances Beg You To Lose It


Days pass and all that is heard is the sound of the wind whipping by as I pick flowers out in the field while the sun gives way to the evening.


I wish. Haha…

Days pass and all that is actually heard is my alarm clock going off and the kid next to me almost woke up by it, -but in my strong desire to have my morning quiet time, I quickly slap the button over, almost falling out of bed in the process.

As I shuffle into the kitchen, bumping into half-packed boxes, I make my way over to my 5 cup miniture-sized coffee pot and fill it to 2 and a half. // I hate waste.

Life for some folks is better when everything is planned out, details set and the future a steady same.

Steady same.

Is that even real life?

No, I didn’t think so.

Matt and I haven’t really ever had that in our life, nor has anyone that I know.

It may seem like it from the outside, but we can not see everything like God can.


I pour the steaming coffee into my favorite US Marine mug, faded but favored.  Not because it does granduer things, but because it is just the right shape and size for what I  need it to do. It is there, simply available and doing what it was made to do.

That’ll preach.


I think about the house situation as I look out the kitchen window.

{If you want to catch up on what I’m talking about, read here.}

God, you know what is best for us.  It is going to hurt a little if we don’t end up with this one, simply because it seems to be just right for our hearts desires…

…but at the end of the day, I don’t want to be attached to anything but You.


Thinking back to recently exchanged words, I take another sip of my coffee.

The conversations that have transpired in hallways and foyers, on the phone and at church, have the potential to speak volumes into my children’s hearts.

I pray when they hear me reply, “It’s in God’s hands,” they will see me smile and keep moving forward in life, even though I don’t have a clue what the outcome will be.

I pray that if things don’t go the way we hope, our kids  will see us take our disappointments to God first, our emotions and all they can carry -to Him first.

Because taking hurts to or Father doesn’t make Him mad.

David is one person I always think of, who did this.  He was close to God in relationship.

God was real with Him, and he with God.

I would rather take my frustrations to my perfect Father first, so maybe by the time I get around people in a group setting, I will be able to have more self control and not just blab like the old me would have.


When I intentionally choose to be hopeful about the situation and decide in my heart that I am going to remain grateful and positive no matter the outcome, I put myself in a much less risky place.  

I would much rather risk my life with God than risk it without Him.

It’s like an invisible shield that surrounds my heart, not only protecting myself, but those around me – and especially those young hearts that take everything in like sponges.

 I can plant the seed of the Gospel into my children’s hearts by letting the Holy Spirit guide my responses to others.

As they see Matt and decide ahead of time to let the peace that passes all understanding, dwell within us and shine outward, I hope that they will gain a deep sense of awe for God’s sovereignty and greatness.

I hope they will want to live for Him because of the love that radiates through our conversations and because it will make more sense than any alternative.

Granted, it doesn’t feel like these seeds are being buried deep, or even being watered at times,  -those times when the kids are arguing, when I feel like I am not getting anywhere in my house work or their home work, but my Father promised me that His Word does NOT return void.


Isaiah 55:11 “So will My word be which goes out of My mouth; It will not return to Me void (useless, without result), Without accomplishing what I desire, And without succeeding in the matter for which I sent it.” Amplified Version

This is for me and you today.  

When we find ourselves in the middle of the unknown, in the middle of life’s issues, heartache and pain, questions and doubts – we can speak out His promises over our lives and the lives of others and choose to believe that He has the whole world in His hands.

The enemy may whisper, “You are a phony.  You are scared.” He may even chant, “Liar, liar, pants on fire.”  He may say all kinds of condeming things to you -but know that God’s voice will not leave you feeling hopeless.


The old me would have anxiously jumped on the phone and called someone to vent about how things weren’t going as quick as I’d like them to be going. Though I still fail at times, I must say that I truly was long tired of the way it would leave me feeling: drained and disappointed.

-Worry –

Will You Choose It?

Will You Choose It When Your Flesh Says


Do the thing that doesn’t make sense to your flesh.

Choose to trust. In God alone.

Let your words prove it.

What’s the secret?

What you dwell on.

Let’s get our minds off of what we can’t control

and onto the One who holds it all.


Love and blessings today, friend.


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8 thoughts on “When Circumstances Beg You To Lose It

  1. Great post, Meghan about putting God first and being grateful in all circumstances. Beautifully written. I myself have been working on taking things to God instead of blabbing and complaining to my friends and family.

    Have a blessed weekend! 🙂

  2. Meg, I hope it’s okay, but I was so impacted by your post this week that I included it in the featured links section of my new weekend newsletter… I just knew I HAD to share your lovely words of hope and strength and how to take our situations to Him before anyone else. I’m so enjoying your blog, just needed you to know that 🙂 Hugs and blessings for another week, and thank you for being an inspiration!

  3. I love this statement, “I can plant the seed of the Gospel into my children’s hearts by letting the Holy Spirit guide my responses to others.”. Our children are watching us! They will model our behaviour and actions. Thanks for linking up with Grace and truth.

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