When God Met Me At Our Kitchen Table


Meandering softly across the hard wood floors, I noticed the sunshine rays coming through the edge of the curtains with a melody playing in the background made up of the faint sound of chirping of birds.  I thought of how good God was.  I remembered how not long ago my heart would beat quicker in anticipation as the alarm went off early; the still-dark kind.

But not this day.  This day I awoke to bright and sunny, warm and inviting in that sense.

Alone time with my Maker and His Word are like taking a kid to a candy shop for me.

The days of getting up super early had been less lately, and I surely missed them.  My body was worn.  From life. Lately.

I had to sacrifice an extra hour of quiet time to catch up on much needed sleep.  I missed those extra special alone times with my Father.

What I didn’t know was that God was about to make my heart skip a beat again, in one wild second.


Making my Costa Rica blend coffee, I sat down to the kitchen table and nestled into place in my favorite spot.  After thanking the Lord, I prayed.

Lord, please be present in everything I do.  What do you want me to write about today?  I want to share Hope with people. I can’t do this on my own, but you can.

I opened my small vintage-like paisley journal and reread what I had written down from days before.

Here is the scripture I had written down but on separate lines; because each part was so profound at the time, I had to chew on them individually before I could as a whole.

            “What I want from you is true thanks; I want your promises fulfilled.”  Psalms 50:15

“I want you to trust me in your times of trouble, so I can rescue you, and you can give me glory.” Psalms 50:15

After I read these, I thought back to another time when I asked the Lord what He wanted me to do.  When asking  God a question, I expect He will answer – sometimes just not sure when or how.

I thought about true thanks.  Then it dawned on me.

I can’t keep telling Him how thankful I am and then turn around and negate it by complaining.

Complaints are just annoying.  When my kids complain, I usually try to remind them of all they have to be thankful for.

The more time that has went by not hearing from the lender, the more temptation there has been for letting less than pleasant words seep out of my mouth.

But I think know I should take my own advice. God’s advice. And remain truly thankful.

How can I remain truly thankful when I am in the middle of the unknown path, all the while being called to action daily as a wife, mom and writer who needs to still be packing like the move is actually happening soon?


  • Speak Life {Uplifting, encouraging words that point back to God’s goodness}
  • Speak Hope {When conversation lure’s me in to complain or give my own fleshy opinion of what may happen, I need to remember I serve the God of impossible}
  • Speak Thanks {If I find myself on the verge of complaining, I can make a U-Turn by thanking God for who He is, even while in the middle of whatever mess I am physically in}

PS: It’s never too late for U-Turns


As I chewed on the second half of Psalms 50:15, I thought about our current situation and I hoped this was one of those many times God would show off His greatness.

“I want you to trust me in your times of trouble, so I can rescue you, and you can give me glory.” Psalms 50:15

Leaning on Him for strength is what He wants, and it is all I can do right now.  Everything is out of my hands and into His. To me, the word that comes to mind is this: surrender.

Surrender brings Him glory.

Totally submerged in His care.

And then I looked up at one of the boxes sitting there in front of me on the table’s top…


I pondered on this business tagline for a moment.  Then something caught my eye and I looked on the other end…


It took me a second, one wild second and then the cross came into view.

The breath-taking skip-a-beat heart flutter came back.

I pondered on that tagline again and thought of how the cross didn’t seem so positive at the time.  The disciples were devastated at what appeared to be the loss of their Master, their beloved Friend.

But then He arose!

Hope is here. Everyday He is with us, even in those times & trials where it appears all hope is lost, when we feel lost…. 

Hope is here.

Because He arose!

Hope is a person.


Lord, you never tire of being Great do you? Thank you for this inspiring reminder, this picture of Hope that you gave me today.  Now I know what you want me to do today.  You want me be truly thankful, trust that you have a plan worked out, and share this Hope with others. Thank you for answering prayers, Father.  I love you so.


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4 thoughts on “When God Met Me At Our Kitchen Table

  1. I love how you were lead to these versus and to this positive reminder at your kitchen table! God speaks to us in such amazing and unforeseen ways. Your reminders…your “to do” list from scripture is just so what I needed to hear. Love your heart in this post. I found you via the Grace and Truth Link-Up. It’s nice to “meet” you!

  2. super post – but too much for me to learn in one take – like you lining out the verses w/ space in between! I will speak more positively today and hope more because of your words. I love anything paisley and having to do with a table. My qt is in a green vintage chair – i’ll post it again sometime. have a rich day! sue at welcomeheart.

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