Hope, When Your Garden Seems Bare


I apologize that #TeaAndWord is up late, yesterday I was not feeling well and it carried over into today.  But I am alive, have the Word of God next to me on the table and am sipping a cup of coffee.  (shhhh, tea will have to wait)

I have been praying and pondering on what Hope to write about today since May’s theme is Hope.  I was thinking about all the various trials and hardships that seem to spring up out of no where, not just the ones we experience – but many of you as well have been open about your lives and the things you are going through.

I knew when  I laid my eyes on it this morning that it was the one.  The book of James has always been one of my favorites.  It is one that God has surely used to spur me along in my faith walk.

Have you ever noticed how God really likes to talk about gardens, vineyards, farming, harvesting, fruits and….well, you get the idea, right?


I get the overall picture that He likes taking nothing and creating something of use.

Something to love and tend to.

Something that will produce and give back.

Well, what is one way He can grow us, while we live our daily lives?

{ Through hard times. }

Just picture how a small seed is buried deep within the dirt and all that it has to go through to eventually get up out of that dirt and shoot up through the top layer of ground, eventually sprouting little shoots and one day blooming in it’s due season.

Even think about how that amazing and gorgeous blossom doesn’t STAY like that for the whole year (typically speaking) but how it has to die again and repeat the process.

Our lives are like this.

Ponder it. Pray about it. And praise God for having the patience to continue to tend and nurture us even when we make it difficult for Him sometimes.

Though it is difficult, let’s embrace the hard seasons together, my friends. Let’s embrace the growing process and keep building one another up as much as we can.


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6 thoughts on “Hope, When Your Garden Seems Bare

  1. I love the end of that verse that says, “…ready for anything…” Lord, yes, we’re ready for whatever You are designing and orchestrating… His teaching us through trials is His holy outfitting for the things He’s preparing. If only I remembered to trust that at all times, in the thick of it all, lol. Joining your linkup today, too, and so encouraged by your words! xxoo

    1. Same here, Christine. If I learn to slow my pace, let go and rest in His sovereignty I think I would experience more daily peace. Getting there but it’s a daily process. God bless you & thanks for linking up & sharing!

  2. So sorry you are not feeling well. Praying for you.. I appreciate your point that no matter how hard things are or get, that we need each other… embracing the hard seasons together and not alone. thanks for hosting even though you are under the weather today.

  3. Hi Meg,
    The picture you paint of a garden and how blooms die and blossom season after season is a perfect example of hope in our lives. The end of something is always a new beginning for something else — a truth but hard to live through sometimes! Always enjoy reading your words, friend! xo

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