If You’ve Ever Feared Failure



I’ve noticed something. The further in this faith walk I go, the more sneaky Satan’s tactics seem to get.

I listened to Focus on the Family recently about what a point man does and how in football the players literally learn what their opponents moves will be so when they see the little giveaways, they know how to act.

As a Christian we can’t always know what will come at us next, but when we know our weaknesses, admit them, cry to God for help, read His Word about what He says to do and rely on the Holy Spirit to help us, we can be better equipped for each day.


I failed last week in my thinking. I let my mind dwell on negative and unhealthy things. I hate when I mess up, but I’m glad my heart breaks all over the place when I realize what I’m doing…

We serve a God who is constantly sanctifying us and if we love Him, and are seeking after more of His presence one will not be able to remain in sin because it doesn’t feel right anymore.


I had things wrong for so many years. I thought it was a one and done deal and if I messed up, I gave up. I felt like a “saved” lost cause. Like a walking contradiction.

If I messed up, I ran. Away.

I thought if I could just get away, go somewhere else – then I could have a fresh start, where people wouldn’t know me, where I wouldn’t have to risk being known too deeply, in case I messed up again.

I was living in anticipation of my next big hiccup instead of living in anticipation of what God might do.

What a rotten way to live right?

Yes it was.

If I had only realized that this faith walk is journey, and that God was just inviting me to take steps with Him daily, as long as they were forward and in obedience, it didn’t matter the size.

The size of the step never mattered to Him.  In fact, sometimes I think He just longed to carry me.

How do I know this?

Because the Word says He was close to me.


But in God’s Word even Paul said he struggled with his flesh. He did what he didn’t want to do and vice versa. I am thankful there are examples in God’s Word that teach us the Truth.

The Truth is, no one has arrived at perfection in their walk with Christ. Not yet until we see Him face to face.

I don’t want to make excuses for myself by any means, because I do believe we should be holding ourselves to a higher standard – to be in the world but not of it…

…But at the same time, I struggled with self condemnation for so many years and it has been a journey of learning that God Almighty is still big enough to catch me if I do fall.

In the mean time, we call upon Him, trust and rely on Him to help us daily give up the old ways and walk forward with Him on our new journey of Life.

He never promised easiness but actually His Word says there will be challenges, trials and temptations – and to be happy when facing them because we are being refined for a life of character.

Reputation is what people see, but character is what’s there when everyone else walks out of the room.

It’s in the place that no one but God sees where He is calling us to come away with Him, spend time with Him. As we do this, those old ways become less and less appealing and eventually, appalling.



How about you my friend? Have you found yourself struggling with an old sin trying to sneak back up on you? Have you ever struggled with receiving forgiveness?

I pray if this is the case for you, you realize you are not alone in your struggles. 

If you feel like God is not working on you in some area of your life – then pray and ask Him to show you where you need work.  Yet, if you are trying to draw close to Him daily, know that He will be faithful and help you overcome in due time!



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