Hope for Moms & 3 Habits to Stay Focused




Etched into my heart are the promises of God.  The promise that His words will not return back void.

I meditate on this thought as the days gives way.

I meditate on God’s Truth’s as much as I can, regardless of what it is I am doing.

There’s always going to be something that needs to get done:

Homework lessons written out, meals to be served, outdoor time to be enjoyed, bills to be paid, words to be typed, calls to be made, chores to be done…

…a mom’s “to-do” list is almost never really finished.

This is why I stopped trying.

Stopped trying to do it all in a day, that is.

From Martha to Mary Mentality

There was a lady in the Bible that reminded me of me. You may have read about her before, her name was Martha.  I was a lot like her when it came to doing things. I noticed that when I dwelt on what others expectations were, I became overly stressed.

But I also noticed that when I dwelt on what Christ thought of me, and about Life with Him, I became calm and satisfied in His love towards me.

I began to get addicted to reading His Word and meditating on His Truths.


Because everything else seemed like it pulled and tugged at me all day long, but His Words filled me up and lifted my spirit.

This is why it is so vital for me, us moms, to get filled up on what God says about us; what HE can do.

With that, I want to share this scripture for you to ponder on today – and how it relates to my top 3 habits for staying focused.


This is my own experience, and I still have to intentionally choose to do things this way, or life and all the things that appear to be so urgent will attempt to ambush me again.


3 Things That Help Me Stay Focused

#1 Don’t Over-Commit a Day

If plans are made  try to stick with them, except for emergency cases. Be cautious about adding on little to-do’s when you already have some bigger things going on in a day.

Leave a separate day for those running around extra’s if possible, or spread them out evenly throughout your week, but adding them onto an already spread-thin day is not going to help.

#2 Prioritize Your Top 3 Daily Goals

One may wish to do more, but too many things done poorly is not nearly as rewarding as doing a few things well.  If you don’t get beyond your third item, don’t worry. There’s always tomorrow.

*For me, I know that I need to write/design, teach the kids, and make a fun memory. My day may consist of blogging, teaching and painting outside in the afternoon.  Not everyday will look the same.  Another day may look like: Blogging, teaching, and visiting a friend.  (I may throw in a mini trip to the store if I need to).  But the key is, to not overdo it. If there is only 1 big thing in a day, there should be time to keep up with spouse, kids and house. 

#3 Set Aside Time for the 3 P’s   {Prayer, Praise & Play}

Prayer is key to staying focused on what is right and true in the Christian life.  God will direct your steps.  Praise as often as you can, however you can. It will glorify God and lift your spirit. Make time for play.  Too much work leads to stress.  We need time for our brains to be calm and not always in thinking mode.  Creativity comes best when relaxed.



I battled anxiety.  For me, less really is more.  I can be a better mom and wife when I only have a few main things on my plate rather than juggling too much and dropping every ball. Staying in God’s Word helps me stay focused on what is truly important.


So remember, there really is HOPE at the feet of Jesus!


*The above are just some things I have noticed that do seem to impact my daily life, in the midst of the normal routines of life. Life for us moms is still tiring, but we can enjoy it more I believe when we come to terms with the fact that we can’t do it all. Also, life isn’t always easy nor can we know what the future holds – so when things don’t go as planned, don’t fret – God is still in control.


*I was impacted through a man named Joshua Becker about a month ago. Read more about his minimalism here.  Also, Meredith Carr, published author & blogger, wrote a piece that resonated with me. Read about it here.


What about you friend? Have you found hope and inspiration from God showing you there’s a better way to do things?  Has hope peeked its head out from behind a dark cloud in your life?  There are many ways God can bring Hope into our daily lives.  The most important Way is Jesus of course!

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12 thoughts on “Hope for Moms & 3 Habits to Stay Focused

  1. Yes, yes, yes!! Great post – I have been thinking so much lately about wanting and needing to simplify. I think this post is God’s way of confirming that pressing in on my heart :-). Thanks for your words of wisdom and practical advice–and for the shout out! :-).

    1. He has been doing the same with me too, Mere, and I think that is why your words the other day really hollered an, “Amen!” inside of me! I love how God works in the Body of Christ, so thankful He put people like you in my path. Here’s to doing/having less and being more! God bless you!!

      1. What sweet words!! I’m with you, I love how He’s led me to cross paths with lovely ladies like you–I love all the technical stuff we learn through COMPEL, but honestly, I think my favorite part has been connecting with other like-minded women who are traversing this call to write and be authentic! It’s awesome. Blessings!

  2. Oh man, this is such a great post – All 3 steps are great — but you had me at point #1 – I am so guilty of over-committing my day – I am way better at it now than I used to be, but I know I can improve even more. Thanks for hosting the linkup today too!

  3. Hi Meg,
    I can only imagine how difficult it is to have the responsibilities of motherhood along with all the other things in life to take care of — I admire you! It’s hard to let some things go but what a gift to discern what’s really important and focus your limited tie and attention on those things! xo

    1. Thanks for visiting, Crystal! I may need more margin than some and many of us are in different seasons, so letting the Holy Spirit lead is key. Praying for you this week, friend!

  4. These are 3 fantastic tips, Meghan! I really need help with all of them. I way over commit myself everyday. I struggle with anxiety too and my overwhelming to-do list just exasperates it. I love the idea of choosing a top 3 list. Mine is usually at least 25 things knowing there’s no way to complete them all in a day. It’s basically setting myself up for failure before the day begins. Thanks for this much needed encouragement :).

    1. Thank you, Candace for your positive feedback! I am still working on some things but the 3 goal thing is definitely accomplishing more in my daily life than other methods I was trying. I will be praying for you, that God gives you creativity and all you need each day to ultimately glorify His name. God bless!

  5. Boy am I familiar with that phenomenon of setting myself up for failure with my arm’s length lists all the time… and I don’t even have little kids! Great tips Meg ♥ Simplify is the name of the game and less really is more I’m finding! xxoo

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