There’s Hope, God Said He Will Help!


Welcome back to #TeaAndWord, friends!

Today we will wrap up May’s “Hope” theme and I am hoping you come back next week for something new.

*Sharing scripture from the New Testament, today I want to encourage you to draw strength and perseverance from the Lord Himself.*

     I believe these scriptures apply to all believers, but I find them resonating with myself so much – maybe for the fact that I have been in between churches for a lot of my life.

Having been a person who ran away every time I messed up, got scared, or insert reason here _______, I have felt alone a lot – so what Paul is saying here really hits home. I also love the commentary, so if you have time check that out!

If you are a believer in a place where you feel you can not trust the people around you enough to go to them for help, the leaders or whoever it might be – there may be a deeper heart issue that needs to be addressed.  But know that no matter what, you CAN trust God and that He will help you if you call out to Him!



 “Dearest friends, when I was there with you,you were always careful to follow my instructions. And now that I am away (Paul is writing from jail) you must be even more careful to do the good things that result from being saved, obeying God with deep reverence, shrinking back from all that might displease Him.

For God is at work within you, helping you want to obey Him, and then helping you do what He wants.” Philippians 2:12-13

Commentary from The Life Application Bible // The Living Bible Translation

verse 12 //

The Philippian Christians needed to be especially careful to obey Christ, now that Paul wasn’t there to continually remind them about what was right.  We too must be careful about how we live, especially when we are on our own. In the absence of  cherished Christian leaders, we must focus our attention and devotion even more on Christ so that we won’t be sidetracked.

verse 13 //

God has not left us alone in our struggles to do His will. He wants to come alongside us and within us to help. He helps us want to obey Him and then gives us the power to do it.  The secret to changing our lives is to submit to His control and let Him work in us.

To be more like Christ, we must condition ourselves to think like Christ. To change our desires to be more like Christ’s we need the power of the indwelling Spirit (verse 1:19), the influence of faithful Christians, obedience to God’s word (not just exposure to it), and sacrificial service. Often it is in doing God’s will that we gain the desire for it. (see 4:8-9)


Scripture Breakdown // Thoughts to Ponder

What do I take away from these scriptures?

How might I let go of some things I am having a hard time with, and let God really have control?

Are my thoughts lining up with Christ’s lately?

Have I allowed myself to be around those who will help me in my Christian life?

Am I truly obeying God right now or do I just know what I should do, but have held back?

Am I serving myself or serving others?


If no one else needed this today, I know I did!  I am thoroughly convicted and so I know it was the Lord who led me here, and led me to write this today.  Ouchy, ouch.

With boxes still piled up everywhere in our home (since April), it is a challenge for me each day to put my mind in the right place.

We do not know if we should just unpack and keep renting (year #8 almost) or stay packed up, ready.

It is there in my face everyday.  No being nonchalant. 

Trying to home school in mountains of cardboard is not my cup of tea. But it is our reality and I am praying God helps me as He said He would in these scriptures.

I thank God for the deck out back, for the bit of play sand we have left, and for the swing we were able to put up before Matt left – so the kids can play while we wait on the Lord for direction.

And I am thankful for kids and their hearts desire to enjoy the day regardless.


If you have found yourself waiting in the hallway of life, feel alone in your struggles, or are having a hard time opening up to people about things you know you need help with – you are not alone!

I am here to say, I lived this way for years and we are still waiting to hear from God clearly on some big things, but in the mean time He still wants us to have joy and live a life of purpose.

I am praying for you. You matter to our Heavenly Father!




I am wrapping up May’s HOPE theme for #TeaANdWord but I pray you will stick around to continue to be encouraged in your daily faith walk.  Hope is never gone.  That is the point of this blog!  No matter how nuts our circumstances get, we charge on forward in this race to the Prize.  Join me next Tuesday for a surprise that has been cooking up…

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6 thoughts on “There’s Hope, God Said He Will Help!


  2. Meg, this is so true: “Often it is in doing God’s will that we gain the desire for it.” I just read your “Life is a story” post and my heart goes out to you in this season of waiting and trusting. I’m so sorry for your husband’s job loss and hope that God will strengthen you both as you wait for Him to make a way. Glad to be your neighbor today at #TellHisStory.

  3. Meg – Hope was such a great theme for this month – and I am so looking forward to your surprise for next month. Thanks for the encouragement that we are not alone in our struggles, or while we are waiting in the hallways of life – We (My hubby and I) are still waiting to hear news on his job – We are hopeful that it will be tomorrow – but either way, I know God s with us while we wait and so are others. Blessings

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