When I Fall

Hot tears flowed down my cheeks as I realized what I done. I hurt her.  It was clear.

I messed up.

My big heart makes me want to just make things all better for people who are hurting.

Because I want to help. I do, I do, I do.

Some things I can help with, some things may be better helped by praying and just being available rather than trying to fix a situation. Okay, probably all things.

The servant’s heart, the worker-bee in me, wants to DO something. And I am learning to fully trust when I pray, that God actually hears me and isn’t waiting for me to jump through hoops before He acts.

Because He already has a plan.

I can be a part of it yes, but when my anxious thoughts takeover, how is that going to help anyone?

That prayer I just prayed?

Yeah,… I need to learn to give God time to work.

I tried to help, but maybe I said too much. Maybe I jumped the gun. Maybe it just didn’t come out right. I don’t know, but I do know in my faithfully bold move to actually try and bring truth to a situation, the timing and amount of truth may not have been right.

I am trying to do this new thing, where I quit holding back out of fear – which is where I parked my camper for years.  With this new way of living comes great responsibility and stewardship of my words though.

I long to always point back to God in all I say and do.

Do you think I always ace it? No way Hosea.

I wish, but then again if I aced life each day, why would I need a Savior?

I ran into a wonderful blog today. A bright and cheery, faith-filled community that just so happened to be prompting us to write about this very topic: When we fall. Fail. Oopsy.

I am praising God there was forgiveness and mercy bestowed in my own epic fail. I wept and prayed and He answered. He restored us and in that moment, I saw what God was longing for in us adults when He said in His Word to be more childlike.

I thought, wow. Just like kids playing then arguing, forgiving and moving on, so it sort of seemed to be for us.

So yeah, I fall, but I get back up.



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14 thoughts on “When I Fall

  1. THIS: “if I aced life each day, why would I need a Savior?”

    Yes! 100x yes. I forget this, and when I remember I don’t always like it, but this is the heart of who He is in our lives everyday and why He’s here.

  2. Yes! Yes! We fail and we ask God for help and forgiveness and we try again! I love the analogy of being like children in our oops iced. Wonderful post. Blessings for you today and grace for any oopsies!

  3. Hi Meg! I’ve moved from my camper of fear too! Thanks for pointing out the possible pitfalls and God’s faithfulness in the midst of our mess ups! I found you on the #RaRaLinkUp and I’m glad I did!

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