Unveiling the Vision for #TeaAndWord

Welcome to #TeaAndWord Tuesday, friends!


You have a special place in my heart and I wanted to show you how much you are appreciated and update you the vision for #TeaAndWord.  For those of you who have hung out lately, you know we just finished up May’s theme of {HOPE}. It was a really neat way to start off this linkup and I am thankful for the opportunity to be able to connect more with you all!

Before I go any further, click the link below, then come back and scroll down to read the unveiling of the surprise!

Click HERE to see!


If you already clicked the above link, you shall pass (hahaha)…

Okay, drum roll…..

I will be taking a short break from writing for #TeaAndWord Tuesday during June and will share #ClipsOfEncouragement beginning in July.

I will be making short clips of encouraging videos on our very own YouTube Channel for you and this will begin on July 5th!  This will not be taking the place of Tea & Word but will be a part of it, the clips will be posted right here!

I will still be putting the linkup option up – this won’t change and would love to welcome any and all to make your own #ClipsOfEncourgament to share and help me get the word out.  Of course, if you are not into making videos that is totally fine and though this is not my usual “cup of tea” as I would prefer to stay behind the screen – God seems to be pulling me past my comfort zone line – yikes and yipee!

Bloggers, authors, ladies, friends…let the Holy Spirit lead you daily!

So without further ado, friends… I hope to see you back on Tuesday July 5th for #TeaAndWord & #ClipsOfEncouragement.

I will still be around and popping in to read your blog posts!  God bless and please click below to share on Twitter if you feel this is something you want to be a part of!



To link up one last time for June:

{1} Click the blue button below & past the direct link to your blog post you want to share.

{2} Choose a photo & write a short description.

{3} Please link back to my blog by either using my button to the left (side bar area) or linking back in your post via text.  You can use the hashtag #TeaAndWord.

{4} Lastly, be sure to visit a couple of your writer neighbors and lift them up as well!  We all need each other in the Body of Christ!

#TeaAndWord  will go live at 5am each Tuesday

See u back 7.5.16 for the unleashing of #ClipsOfEncouragement!



3 thoughts on “Unveiling the Vision for #TeaAndWord

  1. Meg – I am so excited to see your video’s!!! Yay – you go girl! It will be so great to see your face and hear you talking, instead of just reading your thoughts. I am all about encouragement too, so this makes me really happy. I’m cheering you on and clapping my hands like a giddy little school girl for this Brave, Bold New adventure you are stepping into! Looking forward to July 5th

    1. Thank you, Debbie for cheering me on! Through all this I’ve really learned how powerful just one person’s words of encouragement and compassion can be – they can go farther and deeper than I ever imagined and I’m so thankful you all are in my life! I’ll be praying for each of you!

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