Lemons are a Fruit Too

Lemons aren’t too sour for God to work with are they?

Lord, use life’s lemons for YOUR glory!


A while back, I was in a bit of a funk. I got a case of the mopies.  Grimace with me, I know.  I looked around and couldn’t figure out why on earth the events that transpired the month before, happened at all.

Why would we almost buy a house, just for my husband to lose his job right before? Why this – why that? It isn’t wrong to ask God why, but He cares about the state of our heart.

All the ask/whining was completely draining me and I guess I didn’t realize it until I had already fallen into the mope hole.

I remember asking God to forgive me and to give a fresh start that day, even though it was probably midday.  He is good like that.

I received an unexpected text message from a dear friend shortly after that read:

It is God to whom and with you travel, and while He is the end of our journey, he is also at every stopping place. – Elisabeth Elliot

I have read countless stories of other believers who are going through challenging situations too, and I realize I am not sitting alone on this crookedly lovely lemon tree branch.



You chart the path ahead of me, and tell me where to stop and rest. Every moment, you know where I am. – David, Psalms 139:3

For some reason only known to God right now, we are still here, in this house, in this other town.  The more I think of His sovereign hand in it all, the more my mind relaxes and finds joy and contentment. Because I know we are where He wants us right now.

Yeah, maybe the enemy put up an obstacle. So what? My God is bigger than him and will use me right where I am.  He is steps, stories, an eternity ahead of the enemy. God will use this time, where we are not moving physically, and He will grow us spiritually.


Father God, help me to have eyes as yours.  If the things in my life that I perceive as annoying lemons, setbacks & thorns in my flesh are actually useful in your kingdom, then help me to see it Your Way. Keep me from idolizing ideas and ideals.  I only want to want You first and foremost. Through the unknown, through the waiting – grow my character and fill me up so I can pour out to others. Your daughter, Meg


This is Post is Part 2 of the Character Garden Series (because when I write I am not always sure what will come forth or where it will go – I have created a few different “series/categories” that they can be tucked into. This also helps me break down blog posts from novel length to a realistic length.  We moms ain’t got all day, haha!)



4 thoughts on “Lemons are a Fruit Too

  1. “…My God is bigger… and will use me right where I am…” Oh yes, and He already is, lovely friend, He already is!!! Your faith is inspiring and your journey allows others to know they aren’t alone in the messy hard things… keeping shining in the uncertain things, you’re a beacon of His faithfulness! Hugs, girlie!!!

  2. Meghan – You most certainly are not alone on the crooked lemon branch, you are in good company. This week, I keep repeating – It is well with my soul. Through it all – even talked about it on the Vlog today – Just know, you are right where God needs you to be for this moment in time, and maybe someday looking back you will know why, and maybe you won’t. but rest assured He has you in the palm of His hand … you are His child and He loves you!

    1. I will be checking that vlog out soon, and I really appreciate these words. I just keep praying He uses all this crazy for His glory. I’m praying for you that you feel His peace that passes all understanding! You truly are kind and I feel as if I’ve known you for years (pretty neat!) God bless you sweet, Debbie!!

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