Hope Note #2 // Living Thoughtfully.


Take today’s note with you, in your heart and mind.

Remember, God made you for a reason. He did not thoughtlessly throw the world and all it’s beauty together. I believe He thought things through. I believe He planned well.

I believe He had such a passion and purpose for each thing and creature He made, right down to the very last detail.  We are made in His image.

Prayer: Father God,  thank you for being mindful of us. Help us to be mindful of our steps and full of good thoughts. Help us to learn to walk boldly, unashamed of who You are in us.


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14 thoughts on “Hope Note #2 // Living Thoughtfully.

  1. I love your Hope-Note, and your cute doodling style. This passage is such a good one to unpack, and speaks to my heart today to live with my eyes wide open to catch more of God’s purposes in my life! Thank you for sharing, and thanks for stopping over at my site today! –Blessings to you!

  2. He did indeed plan well- thanks for the reminder Meg– even if we think we can plan better sometimes! ♥ Good thoughts to ponder today. Cute idea to post these little hopeful ‘love notes’ for us ; ) Be blessed my dear!

  3. Yes indeed, Meg! I love this. The enemy and world want to tell us who we aren’t and what we can’t do. God tells us we are His and we can do all things through Christ! Love these encouraging words today! Thank you!

  4. Hi Meg,
    Your website delights me very time I’m here — you are so talented! Heather and I were talking about redesigning ours and yours is just so lovely! Your words about God’s design in our lives is perfectly timed with what I’ve been thinking about lately — how the details of our lives are for a purpose and only in retrospect can we look back and see what seems random slowly start to make sense. xo

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