Amidst the rush, against the grain.

I sit here out on the covered deck, finding myself staring at the torrential downpour and all it’s drips, drops and puddles alike.

I think about how right now in this moment, I relish just experiencing the cool after breeze and the melodious notes the weather plays against the various nearby objects.

I let my mind drift away as if on a sailboat floating into the sunset, with no particular place to be, but just being.

This is only a part of my personality, though largest. This is the realm of the unashamed Thinker.


This is the land of a mind which is centered on Christ and all His marvelous hope.  It is who I am, once tried to change, and later realized I shouldn’t and can’t – but that it is a gift and my Thinker-Self can think unto the glory of God.


This thinker would always think, everywhere she is, is not where she is supposed to be. Everything she is not doing is what she is supposed to be doing.

The  endless circles of “not-good-enoughs” had far too long been reigning in the land of Thinker-Me.  It has been over-thrown and now is ruled by Christ who says, “I am in you and that is the Good News.”

He declares, “Where you are is where I have you. Because, sister, you have been asking me to lead you so please trust that I Am.


It is imperative you not regret the complexity of your making. For each facet is so special and unique. 

Don’t regret enjoying where you are in life.

Don’t regret being happy.

You have noticed of My faithfulness and goodness even in the hard seasons and you chose to think good thoughts. You are living out what you prayed for:  A life of finding the good in the hard.


Thank you for stopping by, friend. I am joining a team of dare-takers. Will you join us?

If you want to jump out of the boat and be brave with us, we open our arms to you as does God, and we welcome you to visit by Jennifer Dukes Lee.

Take the free assessment and find out some great things about how God made you!

Will you be  Doer, a Thinker, a Relater, a Giver or an Experiencer..or maybe even a bit of each?



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9 thoughts on “Amidst the rush, against the grain.

  1. Wonderful to discover a fellow Launch Team member via Carolina! And you’re speaking my happiness language here! Beautiful and encouraging words. Thank you!

  2. “It is imperative you not regret the complexity of your making.” Love this!! Beautiful post that flows so naturally. Goodness spoken just like rain falling. You are the best. Thank you for linking to Open Mic Monday at Cisneros Cafe. Truly a blessing. xoxo

    1. Thank you, Carolina ~ I am glad it blessed you! I pray you have great week and thank for hosting #OpenMicMonday for us! I am always excited to see what you will share. 🙂

  3. Hi Neighbor!

    I’m just starting to read about Jennifer’s new book … her fans are many and this book looks to be a real hit, so perceptive and enlightening.

    Thanks for giving us a sneak peek!

  4. Hi, I’m also on the launch team and a fellow-Thinker! Great reflections here! It is so freeing to be encouraged that the way we think is okay because it’s how we were made.

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