Craving Inspiration.

I ask myself, “Would I rather be comfortable in the house, the air conditioner blowing, mattress below me…or would I rather be inspired?

I chose the latter. And now I am sharing with you, friend.


The luminescent strips of color as are swiped in gentle, horizontal strokes with the brush of a His Hand.  He lays His tool down for rest and stops to take it all in.  This mornings handiwork.

Even my Father is a ponderer of good things.

The crickets chirp and the birds sing in agreement that this is a new day; a good day that the Lord has made.  They have chosen to be glad in it.

Let us join them!

I listen to the sound of the buzzing fan above my head. I realize it is cool, yet sticky out here on the covered deck. I even watch as dark beetles of a few kind go crawling into their holes as the sun unzips the dark veil, and peeks through.

With each lingering moment, the sun wins the argument against the dark and it celebrates by putting on its pink blush. A few more creatures wake up and a few others retreat to their dens.

All is well and it is a grand splendor.






Photo’s by Meghan Weyerbacher // Her parent’s property in a little bitty country town that she hopes they will be moving to soon. // She writes from the heart, soul & mind where Christ resides; drinking in His grace like a smooth, frothy latte.

She is learning to embrace the #thinker in her. Not fight it.

Visit with Jennifer Dukes Lee and learn how to better appreciate your happiness style, and the style of others. Visit Jennifer’s blog where I am linking up today with the #tellhisstory crew.



2 thoughts on “Craving Inspiration.

  1. These are beautiful images, both the photos and the words! Lately when I wake before sunrise, I am also trying to count it as joy to be able to see the “sun win the argument against the dark.” I love how you expressed that thought, because it speaks to the Light of the SON as well! –Blessings and Hugs to you!

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