I was an athlete when it came to church.

Because I would bounce from church to church and run and run when I got offended or confused. I didn’t build myself up. I didn’t build others up.

I think I was so distracted my wrong expectations of the church and people, that I didn’t do much of building God’s name up!

I was a demolition queen. Not so long ago..

My advice to you even if you are confused about where you are?


Build relationships. Don’t demolish.

I once thought if people weren’t in the same bubble as I was, or knew scriptures, or cussed, that God probably wanted me to run. Because He wants us to run from evil right?

But my thinking was twisted and the consequence of listening to lies subtle and lies extreme, was broken relationships and an empty hurting heart.

Run, run, tear down, tear down.

This church gal needed a new heart, new eyes to see.

God delivered me!

“I’m going to give you a new heart, and I’m going to give you a new spirit within all of your deepest parts. I’ll remove that rock-hard heart of yours and replace it with one that’s sensitive to me.” NIV

For 30 years my  Heavenly Father has been building me and simultaneously building me into His church, so I can be a real part of His body.

And He wastes nothing so I can picture Him recycling clumps of clay and weaving wonders in the story.  There will always be pieces, slivers and tools with which to build – so I gladly open my hands in surrender for God to use my past and present to build whatever he wants for the future.


This is part of the “Lost Christian Series

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6 thoughts on “I was an athlete when it came to church.

  1. Meg,
    oh I adore you already. You love to sing and songwrite. I’m sure we would talk for hours if we met in person. 🙂
    I’m so glad to read your post tonight and cheer along with you, “yes!” Build where you are! 🙂
    Hope you’ve “run” into people who are cheerleaders, welcoming you to stay. For some reason I just remembered the point in Forrest Gump where they had signs for him that said “stop!” I think it was when he played football?
    Thankful you’re learning there’s a time to run and a time to stop. After you cross “home”, you are “safe”. Welcome home. We’re glad to have you with us!
    (#7 at FMF this week)

    1. Tammy, you are so kind! By being brave God is bringing new people that I have desperately needed into my life. The online faith-filled communities are a huge part! I am so blessed to meet you. Can’t wait to see what God does next. I pray He is blessing you in every way as well!!!

  2. Yes! Oh how we need God to build us INTO His church. Working through the hard things together, speaking and receiving truth…and He builds us up through this too. Bless you, Meg for leaning into the hard.

    Ironically, Meg, I fled church (and God) for 20+ years, but not because of others, but because I felt I wasn’t good enough and never could be, that God was out to hurt me and had rejected me. I had begun to worship a threatening and punishing idol, built on unacknowledged hurt and rejection at the hands of people, rather than the One True God. For me, freedom came through God’s gentle, kind and compassionate calling of my heart as my Mum lay dying. I’d love to hear more about your journey back to church.

    1. Oh, Anna thanks for sharing your heart and part of your story. I will be writing about more but yes I was raised in church but felt like I didn’t belong. A lot of my thinking probably wasn’t what others or God was thinking about me but the enemy voice was louder I guess, I hadn’t learned to discern yet.

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