New Channel Launch!

Welcome to #TeaAndWord Tuesday, friends!  I hope this day finds you well.

Sorry I am a week later than anticipated.  My parents went out of state and we have been animal sitting for them! I am back from taking off for the month of June and have been really anticipating good things coming out of this.  I didn’t get dolled up for the first video, sorry, and the humid weather didn’t do my hair any favors.

But guess what?

We gather to uplift: unmasked and open-hearted.

I battled feelings of insecurity for years and still have those moments, as all women do, but daily I remind myself that my Father cares more about the inner beauty and that I am fearfully and wonderfully made! So are you, sisters in Christ.

Now to introduce the new channel.  You can scroll down and watch it or click to go to the channel page. Let me know if it works please and I appreciate your feedback, friends!




Link up!

Please feel free to link up your faith-filled blog post below by clicking the blue button. If you want to join me in being brave, you can make your own #clipofencouragement too! Once you click below you will see further instructions.




10 thoughts on “New Channel Launch!

  1. Meghan, you are super adorable!! I’m loving your new clips. Our father is so proud of you and I find your strength and encouragement admirable. Your amazing! Keep flying and your in our prayers.

    The Nilli’s xoxo

  2. I am so glad that you took the brave step and launched your new channel! Thank you for providing this safe place to connect and share Faith!! –Blessings to you in this Journey!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Valerie! We are doing well here, just hoping this move happens soon so I can finally start to transition and live a life a little steadier than the way it’s been. I know God’s got it, it’s just been a long season of unknown! Praying for you this week, friend!

  3. Meg – Welcome back! and YES – We are meant to encourage one another and I love your heart and you look great without make-up – I couldn’t even tell… I love your statement: We gather to uplift: unmasked and open-hearted. Yes and AMEN sister! looking forward to next week 🙂 sorry I am a few days behind in leaving a comment, it has been crazy around here

  4. So loved hearing your voice! Thank you for your beautiful encouragement. It’s so special having these internet homes of encouragement we can retreat to as believers, to be refreshed and spurred on, isn’t it? And yes, He’s overcome, indeed.

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