#ClipsofEncouragement #2 #TheHappinessDare


Welcome, friends! So after yesterday’s heavier blog post, I was concerned I may not be vlogable right away and regretted that I did not record my clip sooner. However, God works in mighty ways and I knew I needed to get my next clip shot so I had a pep talk with myself and God came through.  I took my stuff out on the back deck, said a prayer and before I knew it, God lifted my spirits up just by me walking in obedience and doing my part.

I have no words to say, of how huge that was to me. It was a real eye opener that maybe, the key to lifting up our weary souls, is simply by lifting another.  It is true we reap what we sow.  I am so glad to have some accountability here and I do not take you for granted!  I hope you enjoy today’s #ClipsofEncouragement where I talk a bit about Jennifer Dukes Lee’s new book, The Happiness Dare.  Find the free personality assessment at http://www.thehappinessdare.com! I will be sharing more about her book in upcoming posts.



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4 thoughts on “#ClipsofEncouragement #2 #TheHappinessDare

  1. Thanks for sharing. I am loving the book too and found the Happiness Style assessment and the descriptions of the different styles really helpful.

  2. Hi Meg,
    Thanks for your willingness to share! I love this thought: “before I knew it, God lifted my spirits up just by me walking in obedience and doing my part.” He truly does bring encouragement when we obey Him! I missed the deadline for the book launch, but I am enjoying the first few trial chapters that came with my pre-order of the book. So thankful we can walk together on this journey. –Blessings!

    1. It is is a real blessing. I am so thankful for Jennifer taking the time to do the research she did and for sharing her personal stories in it. I hope you continue to be touched by it, Bettie. Have a wonderful day!~ Meg

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