Receive His Grace

Opening up my hands, I purpose to receive God’s grace in my life today.  Too often I am hard on myself, the hardness flowing over to my parenting. Equaling hard on my kids.

Not proud of this, yet refusing to remain shaming myself – I take my flaws and lay them at His feet.  I will let Him make up for where I lack. And then, there will be none. No lack.


With my husband gone all except for the weekend days, the mom-dad role I play is just plain tough. But it will be okay. I will be okay. My kids will be okay.

My prayer today is that I will receive His grace.

I am learning to be okay with not always getting it right.

Learning I am enough. Learning God’s words will not come back void. In each area of life.

Letting go of perfectionism is hard. But I shall. Daily. Let go of what my flesh wants to cling to and keep my hands open.  Open to receive what God has for me.


What about you, friend?  What thing are you clinging to?

What can you let go of and trust God with?

If you feel led, share with us below.

We all grow a little more

each time




Prayer: Help us all to receive your graces daily in our lives.


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6 thoughts on “Receive His Grace

  1. Hi Meg,
    I loved your comment over at my place that we were on the same wavelength today! I think we have good intentions and high standards — of ourselves and others — so being kind to ourselves seems strange at first, doesn’t it? But really it helps me be kinder to others since I’m already practicing kindness to myself. I can’t imagine how difficult it would be to run your household mostly alone while your husband travels — you are a brave woman! Keeping things running smoothly is a gift and my hat is off to you – -because I’m sure you do it amazingly, my friend!

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