How God has a sense of humor, cares about tiny details, and is giving us a do-over.

What do you do when you thought you had it pegged? Thought this is where we are going, I feel it in my gut, this is right -then all the doors close to that thing you were so sure about?

You keep going. Everyday.

And every day that is hard isn’t necessarily pleasant but walking forward, trusting in God, is pleasing to Him. These words I read today from my blogger friend, and I thought, “Yeah, that is right on.

Some of you have followed the story all summer long. The excitement that built up as we found out we were able to purchase a home of our own after renting for about 7 years.

Some of you were able to lend a listening ear when we needed a friend during the sudden job loss brought on by a freak wreck.

Even in the hard, we had to trust. We know no Better. – Tweet This

A lot of you prayed and we are so thankful for you and those powerful prayers! 

I remember when it would sting a little to look at all the photos of the other house. The one I thought we had pegged.  In retrospect, I can see God’s providential hand working the whole time – even through the things we wanted to deem “not Godlike” because it hurt so flippin’ bad at the time.

I wonder how much of what happens in our life that hurts would hurt at least a tiny bit less if we dwelt on what good may come out of it instead of the “why’s?” Nonetheless, He is patient with us.

Matt loosing his job wasn’t a thing to celebrate at the time but less than a week later he had a better job with a smaller company and we found out he only needed to be there a couple months before we could try again.

The news got better.

We found out the lenders would work with us through the 2 months of waiting, to get the needed paperwork each week as time passed, which made a for less stressful process indeed!

Then the unexpected happened and the door to the house we so loved opened back up just a couple weeks into the process.

But this time when the door opened, we stopped for a moment to reflect.

Oh, how this has been such a blessing. Reflection, pondering, communication, prayer and wisdom from God.

We told the realtor working with us we would wait. Then not soon after, he reached us regarding another home in the location we felt called to move to.  This little town of roughly 800 people is where my folks live.

There was just something about the town. I had felt drawn to it before, even as child remembering past trips.  Now my parents were here, right up the road from the historic downtown area.

So small you could hit up all the shops in a minute as long as you despise browsing and are broke, but so quaint even Laura Ingalls would swoon.

There are other God-sized dreams and visions my heart has that I can see playing out here, but I am learning to live in the moment and not just on the awaited dream.  It was only recently that Matt opened up about some of his dreams that he never let himself really think about.  Yes, that blue book, The Happiness Dare, really IS awakening something deep down, and I just have to realize it is not up to me to decide when all these things will play out, but in His time and His way…

Our Humble Wooden Home

When the realtor showed us this other property he thought looked like a perfect fit, I sort of was excited and nervous and unsure all at the same time.

It didn’t have the 4 bedrooms, the desired basement, or near the acreage.  We did not shrug it off, we prayed about it and discussed the pros and cons.

Our realtor said it probably wouldn’t be available long, as we knew to be true because the town is so small and in such a great school district that houses aren’t just popping up for sale like they are in other, bigger towns.

With the pros outweighing any cons, we took a leap of faith and put in an offer.

It seemed like the obstacles that popped up were more intense than with the other house, but the door never shut.

God kept making a way, and we didn’t even have to put up our dukes!  In the end, our realtor ended up taking a huge cut in his commission AND buying the seller’s lawn mower so the deal would go through!

We told him, “No, you don’t have to do that,” but he insisted. He said he would give it all up for a combat veteran. And we were stunned.  We said no way, but it was like God kept saying yes. We knew our realtor with whom was divinely placed in our lives was special, and God just kept showing up.

A Divinely Appointed Realtor

From him knowing way more about VA loans because he was a veteran himself, to my tire going flat in the driveway of the house we just looked at -and him saving the day with his Fix-o-Flat, to other random acts of kindness such as bringing paperwork to our house out of town just so I didn’t have to get the kids out!

All of this, the people, the process, the details were God-ordained for sure.  When he paid for that riding mower that was what left my jaw on the floor.  When we signed the papers at closing for this humble home that fits us so perfectly, everyone just kept saying they were so glad we finally had come to this point -because they had been walking the long road with us the whole time and they knew how hard it must have been.

In retrosepct, if I had not fought so hard mentally but just lived from a place of rest, trusting He knew best, maybe it wouldn’t have felt so “hard.”

Mental junk weighs a person down. Worry. All that blah keeps our minds off of what God CAN do. And we don’t even have a clue. We only have a tiny taste, y’all.

I am sure, too, that the company dealt with bad news off and on with other families, but there was just something about these people. They were so selfless and quick. So friendly and cared about our feelings through it all.

Had it not been for our veteran realtor we would not have switched lenders!  And had it not been that I accidentally thought our original assigned realtor did not work with out of town sales, we would not have crossed paths with our Joe, whom I have dubbed a father-figure this summer of 2016. 

He was looking out for our best interest the whole time and after we signed for this other one, he voiced that we made the wiser choice in is opinion. When we got to thinking about it, the other house was really going to need a lot of work.  It was pretty for the lot of it, but just as much was not.  And with Matt being gone a lot, it wouldn’t have been something we could have done right away which was was a safety concern for us. Otherwise, I’d say bring on the50% fixer upper!

There were other things about it such as barbed wire fencing on the ground that needed to be removed, plugins and lights that would work and a lot of land that I eventually agreed may be more than I could chew while home schooling while he was away.

This other home, the one we are in now, is incredibly similar to the log cabin we bought which was our first home back in 2006.  We both have always been drawn to wood things and wooden houses.  I remember when we lived there our only regrets were it did not have 3 bedrooms, it had too much land for us at the time, and the log, though pretty on the outside, made for boring decor on the inside. ( just my opinion though!)

God in His humor and love of details, has sought fit to place us in another wooden house, but with 3 bedrooms, less land which is more manageable, normal dry walls inside, and right down the road from mom and dad instead of an hour away as before.

Other funny thing, with the other house we were so eager to have our privacy.  We hadn’t experienced that in years, dealt with bullet holes flying overhead in a duplex 2 years ago, and just wanted our kids to be able to play in a back yard that wasn’t someone else’s front yard.

Here in our new wooden home, we found out after signing that our new neighbor actually worked with my mom. Then we found out the other neighbors were older and friendly, and the ones across the way had a big pole barn arcade and invited us over.  So, yay for country neighbors!

Other pros are the cost which was $30,000 cheaper, brand new appliances, the creek in the backyard the kids have already caught tadpoles in and that we are only 2 minutes from the new Wal-Mart down a dead-end street which winds back into a nice park-like setting full of trees and fields. Our house is past the county line (yay for bon fires!) too. There are only 6 other houses past ours making traffic near nothing.  At night, you hear crickets and such.  It is truly the best of both worlds. I am excited to take family walks down the dead-end street which ends in a field with a circle turnabout.

I know I have made this the longest read to date, but it was so vital I build you up to this point because God has showed us He was interested in orchestrating and being PART OF the process, not just the end result and I think it speaks volumes to all the other areas of our lives!

Without further ado, here are the photos I have been waiting to share with you for a week now since we signed, but truly excited for weeks now!

Pre-mowed lawn, some of these pics were taken last week after we got the keys.











This is the view from our bedroom, we can see the playhouse and all! There is a built- in bunk and electricity in it!


Part of the swing got put up.


Launa’s friend and her playing in the creek.


Catching tadpoles.


Caught some! (this was a different day)


Part of the living room.

Will share more eventually.


So if anyone tells you God doesn’t care about things like this, I have proof He does. I also have proof He is the God is second chances. We almost lost our other cabin but God allowed it to sell in time back then when dealing with job loss.

It has been a decade. He has been with us through the good, the bag and the really ugly.  He cares and really is more amazing than anything He provides.

If you don’t know my Heavenly Father personally, I pray you will call out to Him. Seek Him.  Other gods can’t help us, can’t care. But my God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is alive and He answers, in His time and in His perfect way.

He sent Jesus his Son to die for us and He rose to be back with His Father and they sent us the Holy Spirit to live in us who believe!  Our lives are messy yes, but He already knows this. It didn’t stop Him from leaving His Kingdom before and coming here to save us, it won’t stop Him now.

Thanks for all who prayed for us ever. We love and appreciate you! This is only part of the story. What is your story?  Remember, He cares about it!


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9 thoughts on “How God has a sense of humor, cares about tiny details, and is giving us a do-over.

  1. Seriously the best story I’ve heard all week! xoxoxo!!! Meg this is so awesome! God is so good and faithful! Can I share another “wow God!” house story?? When I came to look at the house I’m in now (back in 2007) the realtor lady prayed with me in the living room before we went out to sign paperwork. She knew how much I wanted to be back in the same county as my parents. It was post divorce and I was making my way as a single gal. Long story short, I got the house and it ended up being the most perfect place, convenient to school and everything when I got married again in 2010 and became a mom of a 13 yr old… who knew? Oh wait– GOD knew : ) Sooo stinking excited for y’all!! Can’t wait to hear more!

    1. Oh wow, Heather that is awesome!!! I love that God is real and makes Himself tangible, that He literally does have a plan. Thanks for rooting for us and joining in on our journey girl!!!

  2. Wow!!!Just wow!! Love stories like this. Congrats on your new home. It’s beautiful. Praise God for His miracles of Love!! Thank you for sharing this with us.

  3. Oh, yes! Our God is so AWESOME! So thankful to see the pictures and hear the story of how God moved you on and in! And, how cool that your kids will have that great little creek for all kinds of “nature experiments!” 🙂 –Blessings in your new home!

  4. Dear Meg … I am so enjoying getting to know you these days! Moving and all the transitions leading up to and following are not for the faint of heart. May your writing give you the delightful blessing of comfort and a feeling of place in the midst of all the changes …

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