When Help Comes in the Form of Friends and a Bright, Blue Book


Good day, friend!

We have had an exciting adventure-of-a-week, closing on a home that only God was smart enough and funny enough to pair us with.  I will be posting photos and the humorous testimony soon, where God proves He cares about details of our lives and reminds my husband and I He is the God of second chances.

I recorded a #ClipOfEncouragement but my phone has issues and wasn’t able to finish uploading before it died. That is okay, I can post another time!

I haven’t been on the ball with sharing how great Jennifer Dukes Lee’s new book is but I am grateful to have been a part of the launch team; this dare is truly a dare for those of us who wouldn’t have previously dipped our nervous toe into the water of happiness, because we thought it something frivolous and risky.

 I am trading my old thinking for a new way marked by Jesus.

This may sound hilarious, but I am learning it is okay to let myself go outside and paint that Mason jar, even if not every chore is done in the house.

I am learning to give my kids Grace, because I want it too.

I am learning it is okay to not be okay all the time.

As I sit here scanning our new living space, my heart beats with excitement.  I am so thankful God is putting people, tools and resources in my life that can help me in my daily Christian life, to overcome those things that have set me back so frequently: brain & mouth.

And this I know, only the work of the Holy Spirit can truly produce lasting change in me, as I trust Him and lean on Him.

Now that we are moved and have our internet hooked up, I will be checking my email and delving into this help that God has given for today.  Won’t you check it out too?



I want to redirect you to my friend, Anna Smit’s blog, where she writes about how The Happiness Dare book and how it has been a blessing in her life.

Her experience really spoke to my heart because her and I are both Thinkers with Giver/Experiencer husbands.  I encourage you to hop on over and read her transparent words and then if you want, hop back over and link up below.

God bless you, may your month of August be filled with wonder and anticipatory happiness from the Lord.




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6 thoughts on “When Help Comes in the Form of Friends and a Bright, Blue Book

  1. Meg – I am so very excited for your new home and new things God is showing you and revealing to you . Thank you also for sharing about the Happiness Dare book. It sounds like it has been a very helpful book to you too. Blessings my friend

  2. Oh Yay God!! I love when He opens the way after a long wait! Thanks for sharing your heart through the whole process, and thanks for sharing the book review also! I’m diving in and enjoying it too now! –May your new home be blessed with God’s Grace all along the way!

    1. Thanks, Bettie! Let me know what you think of it after you read it and have time to process! God bless you this week, friend and thank you for your kind words – we are so thankful for our home!

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