The Book of Ruth Study & Linkup


Last week I talked a little to you about my personal struggle as a wife and that I desired to read God’s word about how I need to be in order to be the best ME I can be while I am alive, in order to be a blessing to my family and others.

Read that post –here– or watch last week’s vlog –here– about my issue in my marriage as I pour my heart out and ask for prayer.

I talked to you about how some people think when King Solomon wrote about the Proverbs 31 woman in that last chapter, that he may have been describing his great, great (how many greats I can’t remember but she was really great…) Grandmother, Ruth!

Ruth was a hard worker, a selfless woman of God for sure so it seems to fit. Nevertheless, though I wanted to walk through Proverbs 31, I felt the Lord leading me to walk through Ruth first.

It is one thing to read other books and studies, but it is another thing entirely to do a personal walk-through, a self-paced study in the actual word of God.

He has already been showing me things, parallels that are super neat that I wouldn’t have really realized before if I had not stopped to take the time and slowly glean.

No pun intended.

Won’t you walk with us through the fields each Tuesday for #TeaAndWord?

I hope you will, friend. Grab your cup of coffee, cup of tea, or cookies and milk and get settled in for an exciting stroll. We will take as much time as we need and I will still be sharing vlogs from time to time.

Today I will start with simply sharing the breakdown of the book of Ruth. Then, before you go, feel free to linkup your faith-filled blog post below and pray about sharing this study with those you know! The more the merrier I say.

The Breakdown



To show how three people remained strong in character and true to God even when the society around them was collapsing. (sound familiar?)


Unknown. Some think it was Samuel, but the evidence seems to say it was written after his death.

Date Written:

Sometime after the period of the judges (1375 – 1050 BC)


A dark time in history when people lived to please themselves, not God (Judges 17:6)

Key Verse:

“But Ruth replied, ‘Don’t make me leave you, for I want to go wherever you go, and to live wherever you live; your people will shall be my people, and your God shall be my God.’ ” 1:16

Key People:

Ruth, Naomi, Boaz

Key Places:

Moab, Bethlehem


Link up below and come back next Tuesday as we begin in verse 1 and stroll through the field with these 3 folk of much character.  In today’s society I think this will be a great wisdom to store in our hearts.



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5 thoughts on “The Book of Ruth Study & Linkup

  1. Hi Meg, I’m in for the study of Ruth! And I think that God must have some pretty special things to say to us as to how the book of Ruth can impact a marriage. When I began to write my own post this morning, I really did not plan on making the subject of marriage to be part of what I was writing also, but I guess God knows how to bring the depth of our heart’s longing to the surface! Thank you for sharing, and being open to the leading of the Holy Spirit! –Blessings to you today!

  2. Meg, I love that you went to God’s Word first to hear His words to you before reading what others said about the book. I gain deeper insights from reading commentaries and books about the Bible, but it’s in God’s Word that I hear His heart. Thank you for sharing. : )

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