Book of Ruth Study & Linkup Week 2



Good day, friends! If you want to read last week’s overview click HERE.

Let’s delve into chapter 1 of Ruth shall we?

You will experience the fullness of the story if you read on your own and then join me back here.  The word is alive and active and we can always glean more, even if we have already visited a certain field and thought we found all that was there. What I share is what the Lord showed me. If you have found a truth not shared, please feel free to comment with the wisdom you discover!

As you read, I want the words to paint a motion picture in your mind.


Ruth loved her mother-in-law very much.  She had grown so close to her over the years, even after the death of all their husbands.  She continued to learn from Naomi and felt deeply connected to her.

Ruth was there when Naomi made the hard decision to leave the place her husband had led them to when the famine hit their home land years ago. She watched her, and saw her relationship with her God. She the good and the bad.  She saw how Naomi kept going, kept up the faith.

They had packed and were ready to make their journey back to Bethlehem from their current residence in Moab.

Ruth saw how Naomi’s God must be in the business of protecting and providing good for His people.  After all, it was Elimelech and Naomi’s family journey to Ruth’s homeland of Moab that had brought Ruth and her husband together in the first place.

If they had not left and came to Moab, they might have never met.  How she relished this story of their lives and longed to be with her mother-in-law through whatever came their way.

She desired a relationship with this God that Naomi loved so much.  She knew Naomi was hurt and going through many emotions. Naomi felt emptied, poor and like she had nothing left to give her daughter-in-laws.

This was made clear when Naomi stopped in her tracks on the beginning of their journey back to Israel.  She poured her heart out to the young girls and they all cried together.  Orpah eventually decided she was probably right, and she went back to her own family, where possibilities for another husband and hope for a brighter future seemed within reach.

Ruth looked up at the hot sky. She closed her eyes and thought of Naomi’s God. How could she possibly leave Naomi’s side?  She was like a mother to her. They had been through thick and thin together.  The loss of their husbands may have been the hardest thing they ever went through, but they went through it together.

No. She had made up her mind.  She didn’t have to have a husband right now.  She needed to be with Naomi. Naomi needed support right now more then ever.

When she told Naomi the news of her decision, Naomi used Orpah as an example.  But Ruth was already determined and made it clear in a loving way, so Naomi stopped trying to get her to change her mind.

Naomi had inwardly longed for Ruth’s company the whole time, but she knew she had to leave that up to the Lord to decide.  She didn’t want to guilt Ruth into making this trek.  She wanted to put Ruth’s needs before her own. Ruth had been there by her side this whole time. How could she ask her of such a thing? But now she knew it was in His will for Ruth to go along.

Naomi breathed a sigh of relief. She had been so devastated by all the loss lately, she honestly couldn’t imagine Ruth not going along – but she was ready to go back to her homeland either way because she knew it was where God was leading.


From this point, they made their way back to Israel, together -the way God had intended.  He was going to use this very journey for their good, and for the good of all mankind.

Join us next week as we continue on with chapter 2…

I hope you enjoyed reading my take on chapter 1 of the story. I love to picture myself jumping back in time into the story and imagine how things played out. Know that this is my take, a paraphrased version of sorts. I encourage you to read it verse by verse in whatever translation you feel led to!

Please link up below if you want, and share the study and linkup with your pals so we can glean together in the fields of truth.


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16 thoughts on “Book of Ruth Study & Linkup Week 2

  1. Hi, I don’t know I’ll have time to write today…just wanted to say “your blog is beautiful!” I reallly need to update mine, be more tech savvy, etc….I feel old and ill-equipped, yet motivated!

  2. Thank you for taking us along in this study of Ruth! I loved your thoughts here: “From this point, they made their way back to Israel, together -the way God had intended. He was going to use this very journey for their good, and for the good of all mankind.” I was so touched this time as I’ve been reading Ruth, to think that even in Naomi’s bitterness and sadness, there was something so deep in her that caused Ruth to want to leave her old gods, and join the true God that Naomi followed. Wow, I want my faith to be that real and impactful to those around me also! Thanks for sharing with us, Meg! –Blessings and **Hugs**

    1. Bettie, yes!! That is so true! To see a person’s walk firsthand and even in the hard times, know they are still faithful to Him -and to know Naomi didn’t hold back the not-so-pretty parts, where she was frustrated and even vented about what had happened. I read His word and see how mercy trumps every time, even in this story when times were dark and people were doing their own thing. It gives me hope for our country, but it means we can’t discount the impact each individual’s faith can make. Naomi was 1 person. What a ripple effect! Thanks for sharing this, Bettie, blessings friend!

  3. Ruth is my favorite woman of the Bible. I continue to learn from her from people like you and others who have written about her. It is a beautiful blessing to not only desire to know God but to do whatever it takes to follow through. Thank you for your words. Visiting from #TellHisStory

    1. I keep coming back to her too, Mary. I don’t know if you read the intro or not, but God led me to study her character because it is said to be believed by some that she may be the woman King Solomon wrote about in Proverbs 31, since that was his great great (great +?) grandmother. I am looking more into that but in my desire to stop praying for change in my husband and let God work in ME in my marriage, I wanted to read Prov. 31 and that then this is how the Ruth study came about. Thanks so much for visiting, it means a lot to read your input, friend! I love your blog too and I am praying for you!

  4. Together! Welcoming another along the way is the way God intended…YES! He did. I love the Book of Ruth and grateful to have found this study today. I will return.

  5. Meg – I am enjoying your thoughts on the book of Ruth – As I was reading today, I had to chuckle becasue it seems God is impressing on many of us, that we need to journey together – – my post from last Thursday as all about being better together and needing others in our lives. I am was blessed to read the same theme in your words here today. Thanks for hosting the link-up and sharing your insight on Ruth. – see you next week

  6. I love how your words bring this story to life. Ruth is such a great example of faithfulness and I love how God had a plan for her and Naomi, even through the difficult parts of their story. I’ve just finished a Bible study on Ruth at She Reads Truth so it’s good to read your thoughts.

  7. Love the story of Ruth and everything that surrounds her. Beautiful person to study! Thanks for linking up with #JesusandCoffee this week. I’m going to head over and link up on yours 🙂

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