Book of Ruth Study Week 4 {with linkup}

There you are again, friend. I am so glad you are here with me again as I sit here looking out my bedroom window, listening to the summer bugs get louder. I can see the light from the sun as it shifts through trees and areas that were once covered by shadow, are becoming lit up.

Just like those dark areas, our lives were once covered in sin but now they are filled with Jesus light inside of us, making us brand new.  Do you remember last week when I told you I had something exciting to share?  Something that I had discovered in God’s word?

I am going to share that with you now!  Some of you, or all of you may know this already but you can still still celebrate with me eh?

It all started when I was shopping online and discovered a Lego movie called, Jericho.  Yes, the Bible story!  It was a steal for only $10.00 on Ebay and I knew my kids would love it and that I could incorporate it into their homework.

It was created by another home school family whose parents were film producers and had passed along that skill to their kids, making it a family event to remember. (I think there’s even a part 2!)

It was hilarious and had my kids cracking up at every turn. Okay, I was too!

I want to hone in on the lady, Rahab in the story. If you do not know who Rahab was, she was a prostitute of the town who lived on the edge of society. Literally and socially. Her inn was built right into the city’s wall, making it a prime business pad.

You can read more about her in the book of Joshua, and she is also mentioned in the Hall of Faith in Hebrews chapter 11, James 2:25 and Matthew 1:5.

Remember the spies that were sent by Joshua to scout out the land of Jericho? They had planned on staying the night in this inn, but the police got a tip on the plan and headed over to nab the spies.

Rahab had already hid them, being the survivor she was, because she knew that these Israelites had a track record of winning battles with the help of their God. She knew her hometown would soon be taken over and so took measures to ensure the safety of her family.

Through this act, the spies were kept safe from harm and they returned the favor when it came time to take over the city.

Note that sometimes we are inclined to turn the Rahab types away in our hearts, but God works through anyone He wants to and shows mercy to all who seek it.

We tend to think of Rahab’s sin when we think on her story but God remembers her faith!

This is very encouraging to me!

And because God is so good and had a plan all along, Rahab was spared and ended up marrying one of the spies named Salmon, not pronounced like the fish.

Guess who their child was????

Can you take a wild guess??

Or a calm guess would work too….


Yes, Ruth’s eventual husband!

Rahab would eventually become Ruth’s other mother-in-law!

See Matthew 1:5 for this fact nestled into many other words where Jesus family line is shared.

Moral of the story today?



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Be blessed!


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17 thoughts on “Book of Ruth Study Week 4 {with linkup}

  1. Oh I love this story, Meg! I remember when I first found out about Salmon and Boaz, and Rahab and Ruth, I thought, “What?! Did I read that correctly?!” God is so INCLUSIVE, when we would tend to EXCLUDE. Thank you for reminding me of this precious truth today. His Grace is so much bigger than I realize. –Blessings and Hugs to you!

  2. Hi Meg! I am new to blogging, but I love coming back to your site each week. I so appreciate your honest heart for the Lord. Thank you for sharing, and being so open to the heart of Christ.

    1. Thank you so much, Becky, this means a lot to me, friend! God is so good! I am glad that my words have touched you in some way. That is priceless and very rewarding to me! I hope you have a great week and find God in the small moments! Prayers for you in your writing adventures as well. It has truly helped me, and I know many others too!

  3. We are all welcome… this is the reason for why we love one another as He has loved us, isn’t it?! what a legacy created through her simple willingness to help those spies… a legacy that went on for generations upon generations. Get me to thinking about the legacy we have the power to shape with our actions even today.
    Hugs, lady! Great post!

    1. Thank you, Debbie! I am growing so much just by showing up. It was the same message I read the past 2 days at Holley’s place, and also at a few others. I always felt I had to change and grow so much before I could be a light -but He is showing me He will use anyone in any stage of life they are in as long as they just come. Thanks for visiting, sweet friend! Praying you have a beyond blessed Wednesday. xoxo

    1. Thank you, Angela, for stopping by! I hope you are encouraged in some way and I will get over to your place and visit soon! I love meeting new women of God and am very thankful for this community. + God bless!

  4. I remember the first time I saw that too and wow, just wow…like you I was overcome. I absolutely love the story of Ruth and just recently again was thinking of Boaz and reminded of how deep God’s love for us goes. It’s so exciting when our eyes are opened to the details, isn’t it? I had one of those moments this week with the story of Jesus feeding the five thousand, noticing for the first time that there were 12 baskets remaining filled with broken bread and fish and I suddenly saw the invitation there: each disciple being entrusted fish (the lost) and in meeting these souls they’d also meet God’s Bread of Life (broken for us) who had gone ahead and begun to open these souls for the Good News the disciples would bring. And I saw that Jesus had at the beginning invited them to see what He did, but that they instead focused on what THEY didn’t have, rather than what was present within the least of these (a child)- which was not just physical fish and bread, but a willingness to share all he had. Do we look at the other person we are serving and see what Jesus does? His Spirit going before us? Or do we focus on what is lacking in US, as if we in the flesh alone determine the outcome? Definitely convicted here…all too often I look at myself, rather than God’s invitation and His Presence with the other person.

    I’ve also been noticing lately how generous my girls are without us compelling them, just like the little boy in the story…they have a lot to teach me…above all they so often don’t look at what they don’t have (skills, talent, knowledge, things), but at what they can give (enthusiasm, effort, love, confidence, their toys, joy to the other).

    1. Anna, I love that truth that God gave you in the story of the baskets! I am going to share that one with my husband wow! I pray my kids will be on the generous end too. I want to have that awe everyday like a child, and forgive easily, freeing me up to live fully. God bless you friend!!!

  5. Meg–you’re an absolute doll!

    Love this–love Rahab’s place in God’s plan. He knows the hearts that are malleable to Him and always shocks us when He taps them for usefulness to His purposes. Why would God use someone with such character flaws to further His Kingdom? Ha! Such a one as I but for His grace.

    Love your blog and geekiness–we totally need to do tea. And talk all your creative stuff about homeschooling! I have a passion to cheer on the next generation of homeschool families. I had my day but just can’t get it out of my life or calling–so I’m publishing my best dramas and literature/history/art stuff for gals like you!

    Looking forward to another visit.

    1. This warms my heart like a big autumn dinner! Thanks so much for all of this lovely encouragement here, Kathy! I am looking forward to learning from you and connecting in this season of life! Blessings and prayers, friend. +

  6. I love this, Meg! I think with this post we can see through the Bible that “MIL” can be redefined as awesome person. And I will have to search for the Lego movie. Oh. my. goodness. My kids would love it, and it’s about the Bible so win-win. Great takeaways here, friend! Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

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