Book of Ruth Study Week 5 {with linkup}

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Chapter 2

If you have read Ruth chapter 2 you know this is that chapter where she goes into Boaz’s field to glean the leftovers.  This man who was like a portrayal of Jesus in this story was ever so generous with his crops and gives Ruth “out of the abundance he has.” {see verses 15-16}

Sounds familiar right?

Jesus gives out of the  abundance too, the abundance of His Father; our Father.

Boaz also seems to portray Jesus too in that he becomes Ruth’s husband. I see Ruth standing for the Bride of Christ and Boaz representing Christ as the Groom.

I just love seeing Jesus in the whole Bible. It is awesome to me!!!

Background fact:

Ruth and Naomi’s return to Bethlehem was not just by mere coincidence.  God placed them right where they needed to be because David, a decendent of Ruth, was born right there in Bethlehem! {see 1 Samuel 16:1}

This was predicted by the prophet Micah {Micah 5:2}

Jesus would also be born in this town, remember! Ruth and Naomi’s move was a fulfillment of prophecy. It was God leading them, and guess what…He leads you and I when we put our faith, hope and trust in Him too!


Find someone this week to be generous towards. Pray first and watch God work.  Everytime I have prayed for someone to help, God has always been faithful to bring someone into my path.

Have a blessed day friends and link up below if you want to!

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16 thoughts on “Book of Ruth Study Week 5 {with linkup}

  1. I love the connection of these two things: God’s plan & purpose for us prepared in advance and this: “Jesus gives out of the abundance too, the abundance of His Father; our Father.”

    Today, I saw a woman sitting alone in town, looking sad and lonely. She’s a woman I’ve spoken to and given a gift too (God’s timing too) on mother’s day at church. So, I invited her to join my daughter and I for an ice cream. The smile and happiness God brought to her face was priceless and SO His timing. She’s going through a really tough time and by her sharing pieces of the puzzle, I’m now able to pray specifically for her situation. See: God’s purpose was for us to be passing at that exact time and the joy Jesus has been pouring into me was too good not to pour out: I have more than enough inside me. And wow: what an incredible joy it is to serve Him.

    1. What an awesome story, Anna! You have such a servant leader heart like Ruth here. If we lived close I’d be asking to dine with you and listen. You are an inspiration and you are right that we are blessed TO bless. Xoxo

  2. I love the story of Ruth! It always inspires me to be selfless in my actions. A reminder I sadly need every day!

    I enjoyed your insights and comparisons.

    Thanks so much for sharing. I leave here feeling edified.

  3. Meg, I am loving this study of Ruth. Tonight as I read your beginning thoughts: “as she goes into Boaz’s field to glean the leftovers. This man who was like a portrayal of Jesus in this story was ever so generous with his crops and gives Ruth “out of the abundance he has.” {see verses 15-16}” I was so touched as I thought how Ruth went to “glean the leftover bits” but Boaz gave her out of his abundance! How often do I approach God that way, and hurry through for the small “gleanings,” when He has the Abundance of His heart to share with me! Oh, may I listen more closely to His great heart! –Hugs & Blessings!

    1. This is true, Bettie. I love your take on that! I do that too, and can’t comprehend how he’d care so much for me to go beyond what I can picture or what I reach for. Or even when I don’t reach for that matter! Love and blessings this week!

  4. Hi Meg,
    Your note about Ruth & Naomi’s move being a fulfillment of prophecy stood out to me. If God does preside over all the details in our lives, then the famine that forced their move and their losses were part of the details God designed for their lives too. It’s hard to see God at work while we’re going through something but looking back through scripture is so encouraging to our own journeys! xo

  5. Sometimes it’s so difficult to see the end game when we feel like our plan is being interrupted. I’m learning to go with the flow–because if I have asked God to lead me, I’ll be headed in the right direction even if I don’t understand the end game.

    1. Amen, Anita! Going with the flow pulls out the best character I truly believe. I think on Joseph when I think about attitudes and actions during a season of hardship. God is faithful! Thanks for stopping by today!

  6. Meg – Love this weeks study… especially the part about how Ruth and Naomi’s move being prophecy fulfilled, but that God had not just planned it in advance, he led them to where He needed them to be, even if it didn’t make sense to anyone else. so awesome – thanks for hosting the link-ups on Tuesday and sharing your thoughts as you work your way through Ruth.

    So, this week my daughter and I are in Disneyland, and we are looking for others to be generous towards, in fact, we talked about it a few days ago, before I even read your application. I am sure we will have some God moments out of the times. thanks again friend.

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