It’s Okay to just be Yourself


Have you ever walked in to a function, took a good look around and gulped real big?  Yeah, I have too plenty of times.  I am pretty good one-on-one and with small groups but when it comes to large crowds I tend to want to blend in or hide in a corner.

Not only that, if I am uneasy or unsure of myself, I tend to try way too hard to blend in/fit in that I end up sometimes making a fool of myself. Say the awkward thing. The oopsy.    Or so it seems like it.

But you know what?  I have learned that I really am the goofy one of the bunch sometimes. Okay, maybe there are a few of us, but what I am learning is that it is okay to let my goofy side out! Really there is no holding it back unless I try really hard which consists of sucking in a huge breath which leads to funny faces and then well–see there, I am still goofy.

I used to be super insecure and especially insecure about that part of me.

But why?

God made that part too, right?

He did, in fact -and I am all the more jolly because of it.

I am writing you tonight my dear friends because I have had this message building up that I have wanted to share for a while now, but things were hectic with the move and such. I was blessed to be a part of Jennifer Dukes Lee’s launch team for #TheHappinessDare!

I think I announced that way back when, and shared a few short posts, but now I want to share a little more since the book has had time to steep and a little bit more life has been lived out.

I was so thrilled the day God led me to Jennifer.  I had first found out about her while going with my friend to a book study at another church. The study was from the book, #TheLoveIdol.  She wrote that one too!

It wasn’t until a couple years later I ended up finding her blog and instantly feeling a kinship, a sister-connection…even a role model/mentor connection through her raw and transparent words.

She had been there. And she wrote about it.  It was like free help from some who never put the Closed sign on their door.  Okay, you know what I mean, …in blog form.

I knew I could go to her blog and find encouragement. The warm kind that makes you feel safe.  The kind God gives us!  There it was, I saw Jesus in her and still do.

One thing her new book, #TheHappinessDare has helped me with in the recent season I have been in, is coming out of my shell and not being afraid to just be me.


This one line by itself has been powerful and God has used it in the process of becoming free and healing from past junk and a life of running and hiding and copying and shaming and….

Yeah you get the idea.

So excuse me if I seem a little bright and sunny. A little fresh and airy.  I have been living in the dark for a long time and can finally breathe.

There is more to the story so come back another day, but for now here is a giveaway!



This is a handmade happy gift I crafted using upcycled wood designed by pyrography & wood staining/paint.   You can hang a little sticky note or whatever suits your fancy. The clothes pin is attached by chicken wire, for any of you #FarmHouseDecor fanatics.

Enough, Meghan! Tell me how to win it!

Well, Okay!

#1 Just post a comment below and tell me what you thought about this post and her book so far. (PS: I will be giving away a copy of the book in a few days too!)

#2 Please check out Jennifer’s blog and follow her on social media to stay up to date on all the #happiness.

#3 If you would be so kind as to find my social media pages and like them I would so appreciate it. You can do so by simply clicking the icons on the upper right corner of this blog page. 

I aspire to be an author and they say we need lots of peeps tagging along. I hope you will stick around for the journey.  I am putting it in God’s hands and just being faithful where I am.

#4 Share this post on your social media outlets, pretty please and thank you. Please share Jennifer’s posts too, and of course she has many more #happy posts but you can pick your favorite. I hope it makes you want to read the book!

This giveaway will run through Friday, Sept. 16, 2016. Saturday I will hold a drawing via vlog by writing your names down and drawing from a bowl. I will then post the winner here on Saturday, Sept. 17, 2016 at noon Central time.  I will then get in contact with you so I can mail you the Happy Notes merch!

Happy sharing and God bless you for reading through until the end.  Whew. Bedtime now!


Linking up at these lovely spaces~



16 thoughts on “It’s Okay to just be Yourself

  1. Thank you for visiting my site today Meghan. I appreciate your openness and honesty in this post. I was just sharing with family a couple weeks ago how I prefer to stay in the background in a social setting just watching people. However, once I get to know you watch out! I believe I may have been the only guy that was a part of Jennifer’s launch team. I have enjoyed getting to know her a little over the past 18 months through her blog. I too enjoyed the book. It opened my eyes to how God want us to live as Christians. It is my desire that the joy in my soul and the happiness in my heart is revealed to all who come in contact with me. So glad you are realizing it’s okay to be yourself. remember God made and He loves you just the way your are. Besides, we are all a little goofy sometimes;) I hope you have a wonderful week and may God bless you and yours!

    1. Linda, I’m actually using graphics (with the book) Jennifer and her gals made for us to share, and was reading it on a pdf file! But my actual books should be arriving today and I’m so excited! Thanks for stopping by, friend!

  2. Love your new sites, Meg, I just found you on Facebook! Yay! And, my biggest takeaway so far from THE HAPPINESS DARE, is to realize that my happiness style has changed over the years with this new season that I find myself in. Even though that was hard for me to accept at first, (part of the whole missing the way life used to be,) I’m learning to be thankful for the “new” ways that God is bringing His happiness to my life. I am much more of a thinker now, and less of a doer than I was in the past. Thank you for always bringing encouragement through your writing! –Blessings Friend!

    1. That is a good takeaway, Bettie! I’m actually a doer and a thinker equally so I’m typically floating in my own little world and God is helping me to get out of it a bit…this community is one way amongst a few others. Glad you like it here! Of FB is exciting…it makes happy to share the daily moment with you all whom I’ve grown close to in heart over this last season. Blessings to you, friend! Xoxo xoxo

    1. So true, Julie! It feels nice to be able to be myself. I realize there is a time and place for both, but laughter is like medicine for the heart says God so I am leaning more toward that one haha! Thanks for visiting, friend!

  3. I love that you are shedding the layers of yuck and shame and all that goes with it! Instead, embracing beautiful and wonderful and goofy you! I loved Jennifer’s book, too! Such a breath of fresh air and a reminder to embrace our unique happy factors!! 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing your story and your hope with us at #MomentsofHope! I am thankful for you!

    Blessings and smiles,

  4. So loved reading this, Meg. I haven’t been keeping up with popping in to visit as much as I’d like…but so glad I went back to read this. Will be sharing. My favorite line from this: “So excuse me if I seem a little bright and sunny. A little fresh and airy. I have been living in the dark for a long time and can finally breathe.” I can so empathize with the not liking big crowds and the feeling goofy…Thank you for encouraging me with this too.

    1. I haven’t done well with visiting either, Anna. I still haven’t found my balanced sweet spot for blogging and home schooling but hoping to soon. Thank you so much for your words, friend. It’s good to have prayer support and know others understand too!

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