God Knows Who You Are Even If You Don’t {Guest Post}


I am so thankful to be able to guest post today!  It is my first time ever and the topic is right on target with this new season in my life as I am becoming free from the past in order to move forward. Julie has been writing about “Identity” and how our issues with it will affect our faith.


I was a young child, dreaming big and believing the sky was the limit.  There was a whole life ahead of me and my heart was filled with boatloads of ideas and inspiration on a daily basis.  Days were spent traipsing across farmer’s fields, playing in nearby creeks, and scouting my surroundings from our treehouse-wanna-be.

There was plenty of time to just be myself, to explore and discover. No pressure laid therein to figure out who I was going to be when I grew up because life as a child moved by slowly -days seeming as weeks, a treasure most of us adults can say we truly do miss.

What happened to those inspired blue eyes, lit up by daily curiosities that led to adventures untold? Where did she go? Why did she end up wondering off into a world ready to fashion her to its own mold?

Why did she enter the world as an empty glass desperately needing to be filled?


To read more about my life-long struggle, hike over to Julie Loos’s place @ UnmaskingTheMess.com


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12 thoughts on “God Knows Who You Are Even If You Don’t {Guest Post}

  1. Beautiful guest post Meghan! Your words soak deep into the little girl places of our hearts! Reminds me of the book Captivating…check it out!

  2. Loved reading this, Meg. And oh how it resonates. Sounds like we’ve been on a very similar journey. I’m so glad God pursued your heart, as He did mine. I tried so hard to be the good girl (for other reasons) and as a teenager realized I couldn’t be, so fled in fear of God. Our accuser sure does work hard to tear us away…but God: His Truth prevails. Thank you for sharing this and the truth of God’s beautiful love and grace.

  3. Hi Meg,
    Just wanted to circle back that I read your guest post but my laptop wasn’t cooperating to let me comment over there for some reason. I loved your girlish, wide-open heart and how your disappointments led you to understand God’s love for you! Beautiful words and I think it was so lovely that your writing is being recognized and your words featured across the blog-o-sphere! 🙂

  4. I can totally relate to your story! I loved (still struggle now but recognize it) the words of praise from people. “good job, Kristina.” “Kristina has her quiet time everyday.” “Kristina is such a good AWANA leader.” it drove me to truly rest in my own strength. But I love love love when you said that you were able to find hope in grace. Oh His wonderful grace. How it has saved me! I love your testimony. thanks for sharing. visiting from coffee for your heart #33

    1. Thank you so much for this, Kristina! It’s so good to know someone understands. It’s that hope in grace I keep coming back to. I just sit there, and my mind can’t fathom how my Father can love me just for simply being His. But then I think on my kids and I see a glimmer if it. It leaves me in awe!

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