Nature Art :: Leaf #1


I wasn’t going to participate in the 31 Days event simply because I had other obligations and didn’t think I could give proper attention to it, but this past few days have been really rough.  When the words won’t come yet, or just to clear my mind, sometimes I sketch, doodle or make fonts for fun.

So, with less words and more pictures, here we go!

Join me from Oct 1st – Oct 31st for 31 Days of Art.



8 thoughts on “Nature Art :: Leaf #1

    1. That’s cool, Andrew! I will check it for sure. I am excited to read what Mick Jagger said!

      Yeah my hubs who is a combat vet is going through a lot and on top of it was just injured on the job 1,000 miles from home…he is on his way back now and as soon as he gets here we are headed to the ER, so I thought drawing might help me while I try to help him.


      1. Thank you, Andrew! I’m praying for you too. I don’t have words fitting enough for men like you and my husband who have been through such things, but my heart is overflowing with gratitude for your service. Truly!

  1. Oh Meg! Reading your comments above….praying for you all. So, so hard. And love your 31 days series…art often says so much more than any words could. Love your sketch of the leaf.

  2. Oh Meg, I am just now reading your comments above, and my heart is heavy with prayer for you and your husband! I love the art that Jesus gives you to express those deep places! May He bring the healing and life-restored to you today! –xoxo

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