Faith Art :: Book of Ruth

This would be the 8th week of our #BookofRuth study, friends! (Minus last week’s special post to my husband.)  I am tying in #TeaAndWord Tuesday linkup with Day 4 of the #Write31Days series. You can start from the beginning –here– if you’d like to go back.


I felt it appropriate to share my blog doodle from a couple months ago when I was playing around with the idea of blog names and what I wanted to be known for.


Well, as we have seen, Ruth was trekking her own trail of faith adventures even when she didn’t know it! We have read about how God directed her and Naomi’s small, seemingly insignficant steps and lead them back to Bethlehem where Ruth would eventually become the wife of Boaz and the mother to Obed who would eventually be the grandpa of King David!

God used a foreigner with lots of faith and a desire to love, an elderly woman recovering from heartbreak but the wisdom to keep moving forward, and an older man who was a hard worker with a big, generous heart -to do His deeds and make way for the Messiah!

There is probably way more we could pull from the Book of Ruth  but I wanted to take today to wrap it up and tell you thank you for sticking around here while we dig for gold.


Our small decisions can make a big difference!  God is sovereign. Even when life seems mundane or downright bleh, He is carrying us still.

I’ve been so blessed by your company and encouragement, kindness and wisdom.

I hope we can do this again sometime, friend.

Many prayers & blessings~

Meg // #31DaysofArt~

Feel free to link up your faith-filled blog post below!


9 thoughts on “Faith Art :: Book of Ruth

  1. “Our small decisions can make a big difference! God is sovereign.” Oh, amen!! I love the book of Ruth. There is so much to be said about such a profound woman of the bible. Love what you’re doing here and am blessed by you! Tweeting out! xoxo

  2. I have been so blessed by this study, Meg, and your heart for God’s Word! Thank you for sharing so much here, and for making a safe place for us to link our stories as well. –Hugs and Blessings!

  3. Hi Meg,
    What a cute doodle! And I love how it led you to your new blog name. Doodling and journaling is so good for the soul, isn’t it? Ruth is one of my favorite stories and I love every one of the characters — especially Naomi! {I can identify with her outlook sometimes!} I love how God wove their stories into the story of his son and that offers so much hope that he can do amazing things with us and our stories too! xoxo

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