#TeaAndWord Splattered with Paint

I am participating in the #write31days worldwide event for the month of October.  I chose to share 31 days of art, though I haven’t posted each day – I wanted to mesh Tea & Word each Tuesday until November rolls around.

Did you know that God made you and was pleased with you? 

He delighted in all of His creation, in fact.  He is the ultimate #artist and Genesis says He was “pleased” each day of the week (which He created too).

There is a “pleased” for all 7 days.  What if we lived like that?

Instead of pointing out all the flawed things. All the negative. (Because there will be that if you LOOK for it). What about intentionally choosing to live fully right where we are, and be pleased with what we have and who is in our life?

Be pleased with what’s good and then go share your pleasure with the world.

Don’t keep lovely to yourself. The hurting world needs that. Not more hurt.  Let’s choose to stop complaining and talking bad about other people, even if we feel they “deserve” it.

I realize we can’t turn a blind eye to evil. I am not saying to do this.  But we can choose how to spend our time & energy, the attitude we have, and not mention God says even if we do the right thing but it isn’t in love then it is like a clanging symbol in His ears.  Ouch.

Let’s make the most of our time by building others up eh? Have a blessed one, friends. I hope you enjoy the art and link up below if you want!


One thing I love about art is that it usually requires one to get risky. Get a little messy.  It is like life. A series, a journey of trial and error. Of seeing what works and what doesn’t.

The cool thing about art is, sometimes the very thing that doesn’t work becomes what you want instead.


Those little Lunchable® trays come in handy to use for things like this!


I am a sucker for earth tones as much the next outdoorsy, vintage-loving mama.. yet I can’t help but get sucked into this world of bright, vivid colors.


We used one of those fake hair bun things you find in stores, to make this print on paper.  The Dollar Tree® has them for..well..a dollar.


With art, you are constantly trying new things. That thing that didn’t turn out? Try looking at it in a different way.  I wonder what God looked like when he was coming up with all of creation one detail at a time.

“And God was pleased.” each day of the week He made.

7 pleaseds

Find in it Genesis 1& 2 in the Bible.

“And God looked at them with pleasure and blessed them all.” Genesis 1:22 TLB

-M. E. Weyerbacher


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18 thoughts on “#TeaAndWord Splattered with Paint

  1. Meg, I love your art today! It looks like it was really a fun project. I am so glad that God brings such blessings to our lives. And, thank you for hosting a great place to share God’s encouragement with each other!–Blessings to you!

  2. “And God was pleased.” Amen. I am reminded, Meg, just how pleased He is with me today as He was when He created me. How I forget this truth and beat up upon myself. That is not pleasing to my Artisan, my Creator. I choose to accept this creation as I am and turn around my words to self and body to be pleasing unto the Lord.
    Abba Father, I so want utter words that are pleasing to You when I talk about myself. Show me Your ways for my life. Amen.

    1. I have read three or four posts in the past few days about the physical body and the Creator. I am getting the picture, although it has been in the making for years. Thank you, sweet sister.

    2. I have to remind myself quite frequently. Grace and undeserved love are hard for us to wrap our minds around. I have been praying for a renewed mind and fresh eyes to see. It’s so easy to think positive about others but I too, am hard on myself. I pray God blesses you abundantly, Linda, and I’m so thankful we can pray for each other and expect results!

  3. Meg,
    So glad you popped by my place…I love the creative artwork you come up with. Isn’t amazing that God gives us so many art tools right in our own back yard? That’s just like the awesome Creator God that He is!! I wanted to encourage you as well. I, too, suffer from anxiety and depression. Many times the enemy will plant a thought in my mind and when the anxiety and depression creep in, he will use it to bring me down. Likewise, if I’m already down, he’ll plant negative lies to kick me while I’m down. I know it is so hard, but try to speak God’s Truth into his nasty lies and tell the enemy to take his bag of lies and get lost. You are a beautiful daughter of the King and He wants you to cling to His truth and will help you when you call on Him. Blessings and prayers for you sweet sister.

  4. I really agree with your words here. If we don’t do things in love we can’t call them right. Even if we are “right”. That’s great insight. I enjoy looking at others creative endeavors. Thank you

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