Learning How to Call People Up to their True Identities in Christ


Looks around at the fallen pine cones and crunchy leaves. Touches her cold toes and reaches for a pair of knee-high socks. 

I am learning some things about identity this year and it is enabling me to have more compassion, mercy and patience with others in my life -even those who do not know Christ personally.

Having experienced God’s patience with me firsthand as I walk this journey out seeking Him in all things, I have more long suffering thanI did in years past with those who are struggling. With those who don’t yet know who they are in Christ.

If you have been around my blog you may have known I battled with identity.  You can read more about that topic here or here.

When we don’t know what good we can do in the lives of others around us but we desire to do good for the Kingdom, one thing we can always do is look for the good.

No one is truly good but God of course, but His word says we can look for the gold in others. (see Proverbs 11:27)

We can be the ones who point out the right that was done rather than point a finger or utter unkind criticisms.

Right smack dab in the middle of seeking God for more understanding on this, I was welcomed onto a team of book reviewers (see more at the bottom) for a book by an author and mama who writes about this very issue.

Which leads me to….


A Creative Outlet for Moms

Who Need A Time Out, Who Need to Remember Motherhood is a Blessing, And Who Need a Reminder of “Whose” We Are



A wonderfully talented author named, Sarah Humphrey, who is self-described as a dreamer and silly at heart, has created an adult coloring book devotional just for moms!


Each day provides Biblical insight and wisdom from her own life experience as a mother.


A quick view of the devotional’s layout.


Each devo comes with a unique design and scripture with which to hone your artistic side.

The main thing that has stuck with me so far with Sarah’s book, is that she takes identity in God very seriously.

She says, “As mothers, we call our families up to their identity and we put boundaries on what hinders that identity. When we recognize the opposite spirit rising up against who they are, we remind them of the truth.

She says, “God created us and we are good. That is the standard for identity.

I just brought a message at church last night for the first time ever, and this went along with God laid on my heart to share:

When we wake up each day, knowing and believing God is fully and completely good and that He has our best intentions, we will be talking about it in some way.

We say what we truly believe.

Anyone who believes and says that Jesus is the Son of God has God living in him, and he is living with God.” – 1 John 4:15 TLB

We know how much God loves us because we have felt his love and because we believe him when he tells us that he loves us dearly. God is love, and anyone who lives in love is living with God and God is living in him.” 1 John 4:16 TLB

Believing this truth will transform the way we live. The way we interact with people.

We can start looking at people and the world through a new lens.

A God-given lens that sees the good in people, instead of pulling out the flaws and the bad and the negative. Because there will always be evil to find if we go looking for it.

If you search for good, you will find favor; but if you search for evil, it will find you!” Proverbs 11:27 NLT

As moms and daughters of the King, we are called out. We are called to call out.

We are called to call out the good in others because that is what He does with us.

We call out the good in our husbands, our friends, our kids, the people we see on the sidelines, the people in the fields, the ones right in front of us where ever we are.

This doesn’t come so easy at first in a faith walk. It takes intentional choosing, especially if you already an introvert like myself. I shared that message at church last night and if it wasn’t for anyone else it was for me.

Because when we really look at what Jesus stands for, we can see He is about connection; about people.

That is a hard message for some of us who would rather camp in a cave of one, curl up with a book rather than call someone we know we need to check on but talks for lengthy amounts of time,…just to name a couple.

How about you…

Do you believe God is truly good, made us good, and wants us to call out the good in others? Do you have any tips on how to share with and remind our kids about their true identities in God?

PS: I truly believe we can have a renewed mind when we we wake up each day looking for the good and end each day looking back pleased with what we made of our day. For more on looking for the good & how God was pleased each day of the week, click HERE.

Thank you to Litfuse Group for letting me participate in this blog tour.

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9 thoughts on “Learning How to Call People Up to their True Identities in Christ

  1. Such an encouragement! Great reminder of the importance of reminding others of their identity in Christ at all times! Thank you!

  2. Meg, this sounds like a great book, and a great Study! I remember you talking about the Memory Jar that you made with your family during THE HAPPINESS DARE. I have also heard of something similar, but it’s a secret jar. Every time someone in the family observes another one sharing, or serving, or being kind, the observer can write a note about the good action that they “secretly” saw the other doing. The secret part would emphasize that we are not to be doing our “good works” to be on display or to please people, but secretly to bring joy to our Father. I am blessed by your heart, Meg! Continuing to pray for your husband’s full recovery! –Hugs!

    1. I am still a fan of the jar thing. It is so tangible instead of just doing something in thought. Her book is truly creative and bright. Thanks so much for your prayers, too ~ it means so much truly! He is making recovery. Has physical therapy next week 3 times and depending on that maybe he can work again in the next couple weeks. We didn’t know why he was so sore if there were no broken bones. Come to find out when he feel his body displaced and was all out of wack. She popped it back into place and it has helped so much!

  3. I think identity is so important and I love that quote: “God created us and we are good. That is the standard for identity.“ When we understand how God sees and loves us and others, it can make a huge difference to how we feel about ourselves and relate to those around us.

    1. It’s so true. I have lived chasing the wind, searching for who I was supposed to be years. The confusion and false expectations surely did effect my relationships and even how I engaged with strangers.

  4. Oh Meg, how I love this idea of a coloring book just for mamas. What a lovely invitation … and what nourishment for the soul during this busy, chaotic season of life. A perfect combination.


  5. How fine!! I love coloring and having Scripture alongside the devotion is excellent. I may not be a Mama but it looks like I would be encouraged through this devotional if I were.

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