Love by Mail. #fmf

Snail mail is just. Well, awesome. 

It is so awesome it made its way onto the #fmf list and boy oh boy am I super happy.  If you have never heard of #FiveMinuteFriday or Kate Motaung, you should come check out this community of writers. Seriously.

I have been semi-participating in the #write31days worldwide event.  I chose to write on art and so I am meshing  these together, as if in a big bowl of flour, eggs and milk all mixed up to make something sweet for the both of us.



5 minutes to write my heart out so here I..

:: GO ::

Mail is like ale to the soul.

Give me some parcel and a chocolate morsel and a glass ‘o milk to wash it down and that right there is a pretty darn good gift.

Mail is like ale to the soul.

I’ll send you a postcard to show you my whereabouts in the great hinterlands that will hint to you my grand escapades in the great outdoors.

Mail is like a waterfall.

It showers me and cascades a glorious debut of your heart’s thought about me and I cherish it for life by remembering and stashing it away in an old Nike shoe box atop my closet shelf.

Mail is like a waterfall.

It keeps on coming. Some junky some lovely. But I hope we can agree that pen pals will never run out of style and they make the world a bit brighter indeed.


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22 thoughts on “Love by Mail. #fmf

  1. What a lovely post, Meghan! I had pen pals growing up, and I lived for their letters. 🙂 You’re so right. Mail refreshes the soul and spirit. I see we had some similarities in our posts. So fun. 🙂

    1. I did as well. I don’t think realized what a treat happy mail was until I got older and saw the decline in it compared to bills and junk mail. We live in such different times even now but deep down I want to be old school!

  2. I love how you wrote this! All the fun things about mail. Postcards was one of my favorite things to do in England. Always had to get one and send them out. Your neighbor at fmf

    1. So glad it made you happy, Kristina. Most times I am so deep and serious that I just gotta let myself be silly and fun. Thanks so much for visiting. I sure wish I could visit England sometime…I am a lover of rainy weather and autumn, brick roads and farm animals. Think I would I fit in? Haha…

  3. Hi Meghan. I too love mail though I’ve not had ale. As the holidays draw near I think that waterfall may turn into opening floodgates with numerous catalogs. #35 on the fmf this week.

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