God, Master Designer.

God gave Moses some really detailed instructions for the temple that was to be built.  I was thinking about all the time and talent that was put into this escapade of Heavenly proportion and I sat pondering how excited I would have been to be a part of such a grand plan.

All the materials used varied widely, and where one person sewed curtains, I am thinking another person was probably needed to chop down wood for the acacia table rimmed with gold. (see Exodus 25:23)

Maybe one person did do more than one job, and that is totally cool too, but I am picturing a barrage of people, coming together with one single purpose.  Each working diligently, and humming a tune while they whittle away, thread that needle, sand that wood, shape that gold, hammer that silver, or tug that rope to set something in place that is too high to reach.

This caused me to picture the church. The Body of Christ!

“Be sure that everything you make follows the pattern I am showing you here on mountain.” – Exodus 25:40 TLB


At first, my mind pictured God taking His finger and drawing on the side of the mountain, showing Moses exactly the design for each thing -but then I quickly realized He was talking about “showing Moses while they were both on the mountain.”

Still. I wonder what it was like. I am thankful God gives us permission to work, design, create, sing, build, go….

God keeps me in awe!

This post was crafted and nestled gently into the 31 Days of Art series.

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Do you have a word, a name of God, a characteristic that you tend to be drawn to? Mine are creator and designer.  I would love to hear yours!


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27 thoughts on “God, Master Designer.

  1. Meghan, I love how you imagine all the people doing their part in the making of the temple, and then liken it to the church, the Body of Christ! I love to create in my small way, so I am also drawn to the characteristics of God as Creator and Designer. 🙂

    Blessings to you! I’m your neighbor this week at #TellHisStory! Have a good rest of the week!

  2. Meg, I also love to create, so I am drawn to the name of God as my Father, my Creator. But I am also blessed by the name El Shaddai, or Almighty God my Sustainer! Thank you for stirring up these wonderful thoughts about our Lord! –Blessings and Hugs to you!

  3. Love where you went with this. It’s amazing the blessings we can find in digging deep into Scriptures we usually read over quickly. “He gives us permission”: how often I lose sight of that. But we all belong, don’t we? He has given each one of us a place in His Body. Thank you for your sweet encouragement here, Meg. BTW how are you all doing?

    1. I agree, Anna. I was like, “I don’t even remember reading this verse!” We are doing well, Matt is still healing up and will find out today if the doc agrees with the physical therapists or not which will let us know a time-frame of when he can go back to work. God has taken care of us though through it all! Thanks so much for caring, sweet friend. Blessings to you and prayers going up for you and your family!

  4. What a beautiful demonstration of God’s design for the Body of Christ. I love the layered truths of scripture! I hadn’t thought of the temple build as a foreshadowing of the church, but now that you say it, it makes perfect sense. Everyone does their part.

    1. I hadn’t either, Sarah. I love how the Word of God is alive and active! He not only shows us new things in it but He shows us how to apply them in our lives now! Thanks so much for stopping by, friend – hope you are doing well! xoxo

  5. Those characteristics of God you mentioned are especially close to my heart… and I’ve often marveled at those temple passages- he had everything in mind down to the last detail of how many rings to sew onto the curtain. I can’t help but be comforted in knowing that he has every last detail of my life worked out too! ♥ Thanks for the reminder today Meg!

  6. Meg,
    I’m drawn to the attribute that God is a restorer –bringing to life what was dead or broken or hurt. I love thinking about how he must view the pieces and picks them up and crafts something new out of them, restoring us, our lives and our relationships! Beautiful post! I love how you put us in the middle of that conversation between God and Moses and I wonder what all those craftspeople thought about as Moses shared God’s vision with them –amazing! xoxo

    1. I love that word and what it stands for: restorer! There are so many beautiful ways we can describe Him, though of course none completely cover it all because He too majestic for that…still, I think He delights in us thinking about Him too! I pray you have a blessed week friend!

  7. I love how God gave us creativity and that he gives each of us our individual skill and gifts so we can work together. I like the link you make with the different people playing their part in the creation of the physical temple being like us all playing our part in the body of Christ.

  8. Hi Meg! This year I’ve been drawn to wonder and it was my #oneword for 2016. It’s amazing when I think on the order and precision of God’s plan – how He crafts those for us with such detail, precision, and tender care. I stand in awe too. I didn’t realize you were hosting a link up on Tuesdays now. I’ll be sure to come back next week and join in!

  9. I think you picturing a whole lot of people working, singing and doing their jobs is exactly right – it is exactly in line with Romans 12 where it says, that we are all a part of the body, different parts that make up the whole body and each has a job/task to do….the image from the Old Testament with Moses, is how I think it should be in the church today too…. however, sadly, we have a few people doing almost all the tasks/jobs instead of everyone working together. thanks for your thoughts and for hosting every Tuesday

    1. It’s true, Debbie. I’m praying more and more the Holy Spirit will speak to folks and give them understanding, joy and find their purpose to glorify His name. I’m expecting good things to happen and that even as the dark gers darker, the Light will shine brighter as the Word says. As this happens I think people will awaken to their callings and the Body will keep getting more into unity! Thanks for linking up each week, friend. You are such a blessing!

  10. I just love reading all those detailed instructions. It gives me a chuckle to think of God as a tutorial writer, but not surprisingly He was the first indeed. It is encouraging to me that He called for the artisans to use the skills He gave them in the creation of such an important structure. Their craft was not frivolous or extraneous, it was a vital part of His design. Blessings!

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