The Trucker’s Wife :: Part 1


She laid her head down on the pillow and closed her eyes tight.  A tear trickled down her pale, cool cheek.

I feel stuck.  Like I am going no where. I am doing what You called me to do Lord, but why does it feel as if everything is putting up a fight? 

She grabbed her second pillow and held it tightly against her chest, pretending it was someone who loved her perfectly -like God.  She wished she could physically hug her Father right now.

The leaves rustled and a branch scratched against the bedroom window outside.  The moon lulled between a half and a full, beaming brightly with the black sky behind.

She leaned over and glanced at her oversized digital clock: 12:03

If I could just get some sleep, maybe I will feel better tomorrow.


Dear Tuckered Out Mama, We Are Going to Be Okay

Have you ever felt so physically and mentally exhausted that your biggest wish and wildest dream was a brand new day, fully rested and ready to go?

I understand.  There is Hope, my friend.  I pray you keep reading if you need encouragement, because as I share this part of my story, I want to share what has worked for me and what hasn’t.

Everyone is different.  No two families are alike exactly.  But take it from an overachiever, a recovering perfectionist and want-to-be juggler of all things good, we mamas just can’t do it all.

Lean into God and receive His good Grace for you in this season of rearing young ones. I am right there with you.


With that, she pulled the blanket up past her chin, almost covering her mouth. Rolling over, she stared at where her husband usually slept -er, where he would sleep when he was home, that is.

He had been driving a semi-truck for three years at this point and some days wore her out so much that she didn’t even have time to be upset about sleeping solo.

Today had been one of those days where everything was magnified. A day where it seemed like her kids weren’t learning, where she couldn’t get a grip on her emotions and where the bite of loneliness found her and stung like a red wasp with a bitter grudge.

Yes, tomorrow will be better. The Lord’s mercies are new everyday.

And with that, she closed her eyes once again and prayed sleep would come quickly.


You are reading Part 1 of a series: The Trucker’s Wife

by M. E. Weyerbacher

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