Addicted to Wandering


// We’ve always been addicted to the journey’s going, going, going.

Wandering. Traveling. Trekking.

We’ve never had a problem with change to say the least.  We even rented for 7 years partly because we felt we were supposed to go off on a foreign mission, and didn’t want to make it hard on God ya know…

Just typing that makes me chuckle.  Oh the things our minds were weighed down with when if we just would have relaxed and enjoyed the journey, maybe we could have enjoyed each other much more instead of white-knuckle gripping in prayer (which is needed sometimes, but as much as we probably did).

Learning to live by faith has been the best and biggest most wonderful, beautiful thing.

It is like a heavy shelf made of cast iron has been lifted from my shoulders and now I can walk lighter, not adorning the guilt of past mindsets which touted cuss words at me like: you musn’t care  if you are acting so freely, not pushing and striving.

Now the walk is lighter though we are still learning how to remain still when wandering isn’t in the plan. The walk is always adventurous with God, the journey. //

This was a 5 minute free write with Kate Motaung & the crew for #FiveMinuteFriday.  Check out her blog to find out more about this writing community! Today’s word prompt was JOURNEY.

Linking along too with: #FreshMarkeyFriday & #GraceAndTruth

22 thoughts on “Addicted to Wandering

  1. Loved this: “if we just would have relaxed and enjoyed the journey, maybe we could have enjoyed each other much more instead of white-knuckle gripping in prayer ” So true! Thanks for the timely reminder.❤️️
    Have a great weekend! (Your neighbour down the street in #14)

  2. Loved this, Meg. I think I might be addicted to “staying.” It feels safer than wandering. Somehow, I think God has some of both in mind for most people. There are times to wander and be led wholely by Him. Other times, He wants us to set down roots and stay awhile. In locales and in places in our lives. 🙂

    Great post!!

    1. You are right my friend. The important things I think is that we are listening t Him and then wiling to a our desires aside to follow His lead He always has something much better in store than we could have imagined anyways! Thanks for your feedback!

  3. I love that the cast-iron shelf has been lifted off your shoulders, Meghan. What you’ve written reminds me of my daughter’s favorite Tolkien quote (which is actually written on her birthday cake today): “Not all those who wander are lost.” Here’s to walking lighter, wherever we are! 🙂

  4. Ha- I think I’m the opposite of you. I don’t like change, and if we could just STAY PUT for a while, I would be so happy. At least, I think I would be so happy.

    My life has been full of wandering that I didn’t expect- and just like you, I’m learning (although very very slowly) that faith is way better than having expectations.

    1. It seems like maybe God is about the heart of the matter that has our hearts! That one way isn’t right or wrong depending on where he’s leading, but He wants us to trust Him and the only way we can learn trust and give our faith a chance to grow is through those times we feel stretched and pulled the most. He is faithful, Ally! Good will eventually come out of everything because we love Him!!

  5. Hi Meg, Oh I remember having those same kinds of thoughts, always keeping “my own” rules in mind, just in case God would ask me to set off for the wandering again. But when He asked me to stop wandering and “set down roots,” well that was a different thing to hear from Him! It’s all about the JOURNEY with Him, isn’t it? Thanks for good words today, my friend! –Blessings!

  6. Yes, yes, Meg. Learning to live by faith continues to be a challenge, navigating this journey led by the One who designed us with a specific path in mind. Thank you for 300 of seconds of wisdom here today!

  7. I agree, it’s not always easy just to relax and enjoy the journey. I spend way too much time worrying and trying to figure it all out, instead of just trusting God and following his lead.

  8. The idea of enjoying the journey, as it comes, has always been a difficult one for me to grasp. I overthink. I plan ahead. Rarely am I just “in the moment.” Your words today are a great reminder to “just be.”

  9. Ah yes, learning to live by faith. This seems to be a lesson that I have to learn on a daily basis. It’s comforting to know that we don’t have to get this “right” all at once. (But gosh sometimes I wish I could get at least a few days in a row without needing the lesson again!)
    Patricia (FMF#42)

  10. Meg,
    this was the best five minutes of collected thought! 🙂 How that cast iron armor has been lifted! I don’t know if you ever read the Chronicles of Narnia, but I imagine our armor to be like theirs. The finest chain mail that seems as if you’re not wearing any. That is complete faith and trust. We don’t fear the weapons of the enemy-our defense is unpenetrable! (someday, right? we’ll have that kind of faith!)
    Thanks for sharing your journey with me. So fun to be FMF neighbors this week!
    (#10 this week)

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