People & Prose

Writing in Real Life

When we write from the heart, those deep places that are churning words around in our mental bowl being stirred up by our very thoughts, it is nice to know people care.

Some write for different reasons and that is okay.

I began writing steadily last year as a way to heal. Not replacing my God, talking it out with Him more like it.

Some of you have come along and said very encouraging words that impacted me deeply. Because God works through His body, the church.

So though I write for Him and to Him, you are part of Him. We are part of Him. And we glorify our Maker when we see through this lens.

One of my pastor’s passed away this weekend, unexpectedly while on an adventure weekend with the youth. It has shocked us all, but we know he is where he wants to be: with Jesus.

It has all seemed as if to be unreal, a floating in a fog sort of way.  I am here, though not how I planned it, or prepared like I imagined because writing that I had penciled in on my calendar a few days back had to be put to the side in order to be with people.

Which brings me to this: People are what Jesus was about.  When we are about His business we are thinking of others. We aren’t pushing Him to the back burner when we tend to people, we are actually doing it unto Him.

What Is People & Prose About?

Topic: Writing

What to expect: I will be posting about writing and featuring a writer.

When: Each Monday at 6:30am

2016: Will feature a writer from the linkup at #TeaAndWord.

2017: Will feature a writer from outside the linkup.

Why: Because I love writing and I believe God uses this among many other ways to heal, bless and restore people. To teach, edify and give love. To honor, uplift and admonish. To problem solve, imagine and invent.

Writer Spotlight

This week’s feature is a very passionate writer.  His writing is full of hope, grace and truth.  He invites us in with storytelling and there is a powerful lesson in each one.  Won’t you please visit his blog and drop him a note of encouragement and pray for him?




9 thoughts on “People & Prose

  1. Meg, I think this is why I appreciate your site so much: “So though I write for Him and to Him, you are part of Him. We are part of Him. And we glorify our Maker when we see through this lens.” Your words point to HIS truth! I am so sorry for the huge loss that you and your church are going through now. I will be keeping you all in my prayers! And, thank you for pointing us Horace’s direction, and his good words also! –Blessings to you

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