The Trucker’s Wife :: Part 2


She couldn’t believe the wonders that came from a good night’s sleep and a hot shower before the kids woke up.  For so long, the kids had been arguing over who would take turns with her at night while daddy was gone.

Not getting rested would tumble into the next morning which caused for compromises which led to getting behind in various arenas of life.

What can start off as such a minor problem can quickly escalate into an unhealthy way of living and this it did which effected the whole family.

She heard the high pitch alarm go off but was certain it was wrong.

It can’t be morning already. No way.

Her toddler had completely nudged, kicked and karate chopped her to the edge of the bed in the middle of the night and her back had the killer spine to prove it.

Ring, ring!

Her phone was already going off too?

She growled under her breath and tried to think thoughts of coffee and happy coming together in giant reunion, shoving the negative aside.

It was her husband on the other line.

You forgot to give me the wake-up call.

She sucked in her breath and refused to let it out.  Partly nervous to hear the rest of his sentence and partly ticked off at herself for forgetting.

This crazy cycle had to stop.  This just wasn’t working. But right now wasn’t the time to get into all that.

She finished the conversation and climbed out of bed, praying as she went.

Maybe that was her problem.  Maybe she needed to stop rushing through praying in order to beat the kids to the kitchen, to just have 5 minutes of solace before the day ran full speed ahead.

But just as the thought entered her mind, of slowing down,  letting her prayers take longer, a kid screeched in the background -spinning the hamster wheel cycle into full motion all over again.

She closed her eyes tight and let her breath out. No not the one from before.  This was a new breath.

God give me Grace today, please. Give me Grace.

You are reading Part 2 of a series: The Trucker’s Wife

by M. E. Weyerbacher

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