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Remaining Authentic

-Taking Risks-


(When my computer isn’t glitching that is hence the late post that keeps trying to go bye-bye.)

Last Monday I wrote about writing from the heart and the sort of fog that encumbered the atmosphere due to an unexpected event occurring.

That week was also filled with another type of stress which is something our family is working through together.

I had to choose to say no to guilt and shame for not being around the blogs, social media and the online studies as much.

I had to pull back to refocus and love on people in my life.

The recovering perfectionist inside wants to pick last week apart like my friend picks the toppings off of everyone’s pizza and taco salads.

I could have done so much more.

Man I totally dropped the ball. Again.

Blah, blah, blah. Says the negative self talk. All the while God knows the situation and that mulling over things doesn’t allow us to time travel and make changes like the Flash does in his speedy way.

Why do we women do this? No, wait -it’s a human thing. Not just a woman thing.

Thinking no matter what we do, it is never good enough.

My heart has been going out to the younger mamas lately.  I feel your pain.  I hear you. I am there too.  Stretched thin like the last bit of Betty Crocker® butter in the bottom crevices of the plastic container, spread desperately over a slice of bread.

Sometimes there are things that happen beyond our control and we have to use wisdom the best we know how to maneuver through the crazy.

Sometimes when our best doesn’t look that great in our opinions, we have to rest in knowing God will take our work that seems so  little and make it much.

Maybe not today. Or tomorrow. But eventually.

And maybe the “much” won’t appear how we think either. That is ok. And life is about character and love more than it is about grandness in the world’s eyes.

Writing While in Process

Writing requires balance. Something I don’t have much of, though I am desiring of it and willing to learn. Am learning.

I don’t want to keep being an all or nothing person, I don’t. When I am in process, learning to fine tune a writing technique, sorting out a schedule, fighting to be faithful in the present while also studying for the future it can become interesting inside of my head and I am glad no one can see in there, except for God who isn’t freaked out by it of course.

Hard isn’t necessarily bad. We humans tend to think anything that hurts is bad.  At least I can know there is growth occurring from all the  pain right?



Which Trail Do I Take?

Do I focus more on revealing the thriving side or do I should focus more on the mistakes and struggles from the raw places?  How much do I share right now and how much do I hold back and save for later?

No one person can answer this for someone else.

We all need to be real with ourselves and write from an honest place and it is each person’s preference how they go about doing it.

Here’s to finding our voices, remaining authentic and taking risks, fellow writers.

There’s a time to tweak and a time to tweet. A time to refuel and a time to push through. A time to learn from others and a time to take some things we’ve learned, put them on paper and let them fly.

Let God lead you, my friend.

Featured Writer


Today will you check out Kelly Baker’s blog?  She writes from a place of transparency, sharing how God is using seasons of her life for purpose and growth.  Thank you, Kelly for reaching out to me on social media and for linking up here.  You are a blessing indeed!


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8 thoughts on “People & Prose

  1. Great perspective, Meg. And terrific writing.

    Very much a concern for me. I see the faces of those I didn’t save.

    And I hear their voices, out of the past, but clear as this moment – “Why didn’t you get me out?”

    It’s hard to live with, and sometimes I’d rather not. But I still have duties, and the sorrow is a spur to do better in everything. Or die trying.

    1. I love how you put it, that the sorrow is a spur. Here’s to letting nothing go to waste. Nothing is in vain with God by our side, even all the times we feel we are in a drought in our faith walk. Thanks for your words here, friend.

  2. I’m so thankful for God’s leading. He gives wisdom and discernment whenever we ask. God has always had me write what I’ve learned while going through my junk, but has shown me how to let it be an encouragement to others. (I relate it to me often being the example in my dad’s sermons. 😉 It can be humbling, but that’s good. Can’t let pride rule.) When we write from that place, it lets others know they’re not alone.

    Thank you so much for the feature! It’s truly an honor, sweet friend! 🙂

    1. That is neat you write from this place. I started off writing like that and somewhere down the line started trying too hard. I am trying to get back to that natural place, where the words flow from the heart out of love and a desire to help -rather than forced etc. I so appreciate you, friend!

  3. Dear Meg,
    I still consider myself so new to this blogging world, but I’ve been blessed by your open heart as I’ve gotten to “know” you. I am thankful that you share your struggles and the way that God is working in your life. Sometimes it’s too easy to share only the victories, or even the struggles after we’ve gotten past them. But I think it’s so important to share while we are in the middle of the struggle too, so that we can more clearly point to God’s Grace, the only source of our Hope. Thanks for inviting us to walk alongside! –Blessings and Hugs!

    1. I agree, friend. I feel like if I wait until I am completely better in an area sometimes, I may never end up writing about it. I just love the flow of writing from the broken places. If I could back in time into the Bible says (yes that is a huge span there LOL), one person I would want to meet is David. His writing is so raw and I feel myself drawn there a lot. I am glad we will meet all the men and women of God some day. My inquisitive mind conjures up questions but who knows what it will be like then! Thanks for your kind words, Bettie. Blessings to you sweet, friend!

    1. It is, Susan! I am dedicating Mondays for the rest of the year to the topic of “writing” and whoever I featured for #TeaAndWord on Tuesday, I wanted to share on Mondays as well. The reason is, I am going to be sharing blogs and writers I discover that have impacted me or have valuable resources – and I felt what better way to celebrate Thanksgiving on the blog than highlight my fellow bloggers first?! So hence the double feature LOL. Sorry about the confusion!

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