A Tale of Transforming Taste Buds


My four year old was feeling better, we got our dog back from the vet, school work was through and the evening knocked at my door.

Feeling like a young child inside because free time around here doesn’t happen as much I’d like, I went to my room to fish through the Netflix shows hoping to find something good so I could fold the laundry which was lamenting beneath its own weight.

After about 30 minutes of scrolling, my eyes hurt. I usually prefer British shows, Laura Ingalls types, or the other extreme would be super hero shows, but tonight I could not find anything to suit my fancy.

I’ve cut out a lot that makes me feel weird or heart-racey. I enjoy The Fixer Upper and The Pioneer Woman but no new seasons yet. Sad face.

I got done folding and I turned to my computer.  Write.

The thought made me excited.  I ENJOY every chance I get to peck away at the keyboard and tell a story, or share a thought, or browse photos first and see what words come from the inspiration of the photo itself.


I remembered it was Thursday and that meant #FiveMinuteFriday.  I sat down to check out the scene.

As I was pondering on what to write about, for the word prompt ENJOY, it occurred to me that I now think I rather ENJOY writing than watching things for entertainment.

So tonight I confess to you dear friend that my taste buds have changed.  I am 31 and I am finding it harder and harder to like the same things I used to.  But that is okay.

Here’s to ENJOYing the taste buds God gave me that are ever morphing in due season. Here’s to less dressy and more converses and slip-ons, more long tunics, skinny jeans and boots.

Here’s to patiently waiting on Joanna Gaines and Ree Drummod to share another slew of episodes, and writing in between -life not hinged on the next cool thing to come out, because I am blazing down this trail God set before me.

Maybe this is God’s way of preparing me for the next season in life. Who knows where it will take me? Life is an adventure you know…

Enjoy it!



This was a timed, 5 minute free-write with Kate Motaung & the crew for #FiveMinuteFriday.  We write swooshingly quick with no edits and then hit publish.

Check out her blog –here– to find out more about this writing community! Today’s word prompt was ENJOY.


Linking up with #GraceAndTruth and #FreshMarketFriday


10 thoughts on “A Tale of Transforming Taste Buds

  1. Aha! THERE you are, after the ‘page not found’ nonsense!

    Lovely essay, Meg, and a lot of insight into your own soul, something from which a lot of people can learn.

    And super-heroes! I love the Marvel Comics movies; they have a sense of good-natured humour, along with stellar production values, that make them easy to watch again and again.

    #2 at FMF this week.


    1. Hmmm, yeah my posting ability has been a little cooky lately. What with trying to figure out the “scheduler” and time zone difference and all. Technology is like a love hate relationship around here. Yes, I love super hero stuff. It is one thing I am glad they create remakes of, and usually the ratings aren’t bad like some of the shows coming out now. I hope you are doing well today, bro! I pray you have a blessed weekend and Thanksgiving!!!

  2. I’m so with ya girl- my tastes have definitely morphed and changed over the past few years- I will always love cats and corny jokes though 😉 ♥ Enjoy your weekend and the holiday to follow!

    1. Oh cats and jokes indeed, here too! We just got 2 cute kitties (siblings) and they are so fun to watch, tripping over each other and giving each other baths LOL. Have a blessed weekend and Thanksgiving as well, dear!

      1. We have two porch kittens (aka squatters…) because one geriatric indoor cat is sufficient. But those things are CraAazy…. great free entertainment- and they will eat ANYTHING! Jalepeno chips! Leftover lasagna! mice! eek! Enjoy your little fur balls! ♥

      2. Oh my goodness this made me laugh. Geriatric cat haha!! I bet those little ones are appreciate of you then ha!! We sure will and I will enjoy taking photos of them, inside of baskets and shoes…. 🙂

  3. I could so identify with this: “The thought made me excited. I ENJOY every chance I get to peck away at the keyboard and tell a story, or share a thought, or browse photos first and see what words come from the inspiration of the photo itself.” You know you’re a writer when you’d rather write than… well, other stuff. And I love how images and words are so inter-connected. Images inspire words, and words inspire images. I wish I could ‘print’ the images in my mind’s eye while I’m writing.
    Thanks, Meagan. Have a great weekend! 🙂
    Shauna (your neighbour in #10 this week)

  4. Beautiful thoughts, Meg! And I totally agree that our tastes change–that was the biggest takeaway that I learned from “The Happiness Dare:” my way of living in happiness had changed during this season. I had been longing for the old ways, and not even realizing that God had gifted me to enjoy and be happy in different ways that fit this season better! Love your thoughts here! Have a Blessed weekend!

    1. Oh that is such a good lesson right there. I quite think it nice that God allows us to switch things up. I think we’d all get frustrated eventually I’d there was no room for change. He is good! Love you friend!!!!

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