10 thoughts on “If You Feel Beat Up, Shipwrecked and Like Hope is on Probation.

  1. “Feeling alone” is such a ploy of the enemy, and one that’s quite easy to find ourselves entangled with. Good encouragement to press on and come alongside others in the battle against darkness. Visiting via #heartencouragement Thursday.

  2. Oh I love this Scripture that you ended with today: “Take the mercy, accept the help.” This is so full of truth–He wants us to keep holding onto Him! And He will bring the help that we need then. He is continuing to show me more every day, that in this place of weakness, He is strong. Thank you for the encouraging words, friend! –Blessings to you!

    1. God bless you, Bettie! May you be filled with His truth to the brim and overflowing! xoxoxo (PS: I am loving the Message version more and more every time I read it’s poetic, paraphrasing flow.)

  3. Oh, my. . . Did I need this!

    I often say, “I stumbled across your blog,” however that’s not true honestly, is it? God directs our paths. I’m thankful He led me here. I’m thankful He led you to create this blog!

    God’s Blessings!!!

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