#MondayManifesto :: 3 Tips for Workoholic Writers.

I have a question for you, friend.  Do you ever just feel the urge to hit the pause button on life?

Because it goes by zippingly quick.

My oldest child, my son, is about to hit the double one’s mark in a few days and it has me realizing how short our time on this earth really is.

This past week of being sick during the entire week of Thanksgiving, we had to hunker down here at home together.  This isn’t something new for us because we have been doing this off an on this year with vehicle issues anyways, but there is something different about this time that I wanted to share with you.

Before I get into it, if you haven’t read up on the first of these posts you can do so here or catch up on last week’s here.


Workoholics like me can learn to play & rest too!

Okay, so my husband isn’t a workoholic, he just has to do what his boss tells him to and go where he needs him to go, but ME on the other hand..

Well, it is harder for a person who has no actual boss but loves to work and write, to make progress and learn things, to know when to stop.

Let me rephrase that:

It is hard for this mama to know when to stop sometimes and  I can get caught up in such a doer whirlwind where I don’t rest my eyes, my brain, or take time to play that I get OVERworked and plumb burn out for a couple days.

I had to put a lot of working/learning time on hold this week.  I literally had zero energy some days.  PS: energy is a gift from God too, I discovered.

I typically don’t allow myself to sit and veg out.  I read or read, write, tend to homeschool to-do’s, design graphic thingies or talk to my husband on the phone, clean the house, or ..did I mention read?

Taking time to chill this week was a good monkey wrench in my life that I needed.

Though at times I was concerned my love for writing or drive to accomplish would lull and all this lovely blogging would end up coming to a screeching halt ended by an abrupt crash, I realize today (I am better mostly!) those worries are not true.

I still love writing and still want to get things done.  Being sick didn’t ruin anything. It didn’t ruin God’s plan or make me lousy or lazy.

Sometimes we just need to relax, be with the people we love, and always remember God knows best and is still on the throne.

Writers Take Time To Not Write

Here’s 3 Tips

Writers, don’t flip your lid just because your schedule or your life circumstance doesn’t seem “right.” Don’t panic.  Trust God.  Breathe!

Try not to overwork.  Learn what your body signal is, learn to stop and rest…and especially if you are ever sick – don’t spend time beating yourself up. (I tried that, it doesn’t do ANY good.)

Take time to not even THINK about writing. As much as we need to make sacred space for writing, we need to give ourselves permission to go “off duty” and just “be with our people, be with God.”

Check out my blogger friend’s place below by clicking the graphic. Her latest post is about recharging but I am linking up one I found in which she wrote about leisure. I love it!  

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Gayl Wright

Writer or words, sharer of photos & art and a light shiner for the Lord!


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9 thoughts on “#MondayManifesto :: 3 Tips for Workoholic Writers.

  1. Hi Meg, Yes, I love Gayl’s writing also! I’m so glad I found her blog through the #Write31Day connection. And I agree with you both that we need to keep those areas of self-care and resting and just enjoying the moments as priorities in our lives. I love this phrase: “Don’t panic. Trust God. Breathe!” Great truth to hold onto!

  2. Hi Meg, this is a good reminder. Over Thanksgiving break I really needed to meet some writing deadlines, but enjoyed a spontaneous hour of conversation with my sister. I’m happy to say the writing waited and didn’t suffer, but gained life from that conversation. Visiting from #MondayMusings.

  3. I’m big on hitting the pause button. It just pays to listen to that still small Voice within that cautions us to slow way back down, to rest, to pay attention in the silence …

  4. After blogging for 8 years, I can finally say I have no guilt when I step away from writing. Life as a full-time working homeschooling mom keeps me running and sometimes I don’t have anything to give. Rest is so important. I LOVE Gayle. So glad you featured her!

    1. Oh wow 8 years is pretty amazing! I am so glad you said this, Barbie. We newbies need to learn a thing or two from the pioneers. Letting go of guilt has been a hard one for me. I always feel like I am saying no to something good and that is why it is hard! I guess I need to remember it will allow me to grab hold of something better. Blessings to you! (Yes Gayl is pretty sweet!)

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