The Trucker’s Wife :: Part 5


As the winter’s sharply cold weather said goodbye, the spring change was drawing closer, taunting us with new hope for a fresh season blooming with life.

Something good had gotten a hold of this mama and she felt a surge of energy and inspiration that had been buried beneath a heavy weight deep inside.

They had called it quits with the home work earlier that day, and she called it giving herself Grace (from the Lord), so she could have a few hours to plop on the bed and better schedule out the rest of the week.

Sometimes things had to get messier before they could get better.  Someone told her that a long time ago, though she couldn’t remember who or what it was referring to.

Books, pens, notebooks, planners and the like were all sprawled out across the gray and thermal quilt.  Various websites with art ideas were pulled up on the laptop, promising fun and promoting messy crafting togetherness.

She wrote down some ideas and penciled in more hands on school work for the next few days.  They needed to get re-inspired. Remember why they loved home schooling so much.

They needed to learn to work together. She hoped this would help cultivate a love of learning and creating.

The dreary school days had stemmed slowly from a lack of throwing in fun and freedom, she inwardly regretted.  She had been so hard on the kids, trying to make up for the lack of dad being there that every waking day had become like a dreaded box that needed to be checked off.

She stacked all the supplies up and put them away.  Jumping to the cupboards, she dug through and found paint brushes, containers, and a variety of crafty things that could be twisted and glued.

The next day she gave her penny-pinching self permission to go to a new store called Five Below®, where she found some neat supplies that might make the day extra special.

It was such a change.

What had changed though?

No outside circumstance had presented itself.

It was all her attitude.  Her heart. Her thinking.

It was like she was someone else. Or herself, the way she had always longed to live but never let herself be.  Rules and to-do’s had been given the upper hand for so long. She wanted to blame it on their life situation and with her husband being gone so much.

Really though, blaming didn’t do any good. Burying and pretending things would get better on their own didn’t do any good either.

This new way of handling their predicament was refreshing.

To ask themselves, “Why are things the way they are and what steps can we take to make life better,” was simple yet life altering for them as a family.

Some say ignorance is bliss but she would argue. For them, ignorance had been a nightmare.

All she could think was how good her God was for waking her up and reviving what had felt dead inside.  She was thankful that though her and her husband had a lot of work to do in their marriage still, that they were able to have open conversation about things and come to an agreement in order to move forward.

This home schooling thing wasn’t ever promised to be easy, just like the Christian life or life on earth was promised to be easy for anyone.  But there sure was a joy that was welling up inside of her that she had missed so much.

This joy was priceless and she didn’t want to ever let it go.

You are reading Part 5 of

The Trucker’s Wife

By: M.E.Weyerbacher

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21 thoughts on “The Trucker’s Wife :: Part 5

  1. Meghan, what a surprise to come here this evening and see myself as the featured writer! Thank you so much! I’ve not been on the computer much as I’ve been helping my daughter.

    I can really identify with some of the homeschooling dreariness – “The dreary school days had stemmed slowly from a lack of throwing in fun and freedom, she inwardly regretted.” It always seemed to happen when I worried too much about the rules and forgot why we homeschooled to begin with. Then I would relax and we’d have fun until I started to worry again. I think I mostly got past the worrying and it was much more enjoyable and they still learned.

    Blessings to you! xo

    1. I did not know you homeschooled, Gayl! It is so true. It feels like an upgill climb all the way teaching my kiddo to read. I try not to beat myself up over her level or progress as they are all different and learn in different ways. Thanks so much for this encouragement! If you have any advice please feel free to pass it along!

  2. I’ve homeschooled most of my boys at some point (one K,3-5, another k-2 and 6th – all but one Kindergarten). Lots of wonderful memories – and, of course, challenges. My husband travels a lot – maybe not as much as yours, but I notice that after 4 days, I start feeling thread-bare. I like how you threw away the schedule and let grace in. I wish I’d learned how to do that much sooner! Shalom, new friend, through this blessed season!

  3. Meg, although we opted to send ours to a small Christian school, I have always admired homeschooling moms. It truly takes dedication and sacrifice. May God continue to be with you, blessing your efforts, and supplying all that you need!

  4. I knew that you homeschooled, but I did not know that you hosted a link up! I hope that what I shared today was ok. I didn’t see any guidelines for themes, etc. Be sure to tell me if I’ve missed something.

    1. There is not really any rules, Michele and thanks for linking up! My blog has forgone some changes so though it has been a year of steady blogging and linking up since April, my theme and focus are shifting a bit. It is all a journey and a joy of learning! I hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving, friend!

  5. Hi Meg,
    What a difference a heart-change can make in our circumstances! I can only imagine the challenges of homeschooling and applaud your diligence and commitment! I love how God can fill us with joy and warm up a long-cold place in our lives, just as you shared. Sometimes I think those are the best kind of adventures, aren’t they? xoxo

    1. Oh yes, the hardest times in our lives looking back are those that speak with most humility, mercy, Grace and adventure. It gives me a joy that I can undauntingly share with others this truth: He really does work all things for our good as we love Him. xoxoxo Thanks, Valerie – hope you are doing well, friend!

  6. Meg, from one homeschooling mama to another, thank goodness for grace! For ourselves and our kiddos. I loved reading this….I’ve been here, where the fun and joy were gone and we needed new inspiration from the top down. That usually hits in late January for me. 🙂 I’ve launched 4 so far, am still teaching 3 and I’m every single day so hugely grateful for the quantity of time we’ve had together. ❤ Blessings to you as you sow such good seed today.

    1. It’s a God thing then that I crossed paths with you, Lisa (7 kids – awesome!) because sometimes I just plumb feel like I can’t get over the reading hump with my middle child. I will be swinging by to grab some encouragement from your blog then!! I appreciate you. Blessings to you and yours. xoxo

  7. Meg- this was me 3 years ago. I couldn’t handle the stress of homeschooling, I was joyless and it was taking a major taxing on my health. My boys decided they wanted to go to school for the sports and my daughter decided in 8th grade to try school out too.
    I miss them and wonder if I failed as a homeschooling mom, but God had other plans. I know have to trust to see what He’s going to do!
    I encourage you to keep doing it and I’m waving my pom-poms in encouragement!

    1. Oh wow girl that is awesome that it worked out for you that way. I will try not to be jealous. I haven’t got to the current part of the story (now) where we thought we felt God leading to let go and prepare for public school (my middle, socialite child anyways) and so hubby talked with them but from her level (reading is just a struggle) they said she still really needed to be homescooled to get caught up otherwise she would be put in a grade right smack dab here in the middle of the year, without being able to be tested or watched..that they could only do that at the beginning of the year. So continue to pray for us that He will lead in His time, and give patience to us all! So far that is 2 public school teachers from 2 dif schools who have recommended it for our kids due to their learning needs. If this is a must, I need an attitude/heart change big time. I have up seasons and hard ones as Lisa just commented. The hard ones are hardest when I feel obligated with no way out. I know that may sound crumby as a mom…it is just truth. I seriously am hanging on God some days. Maybe it feels extreme because we’ve been down to one car and semi-trapped too lol. Thanks for sharing part of your story. Sorry this is so long. It is just nice to hear from people who have been through this stuff!!!

  8. This is my second year homeschooling. My youngest son is in 8th grade. It’s so hard. I’m not the normal homeschool mom. I work outside the home full time, so my son is mostly independent with the help of my disabled husband. I know we are doing the right thing. He is an auditory/visual learner and so far, it’s not going so bad. But oh there are days!

    1. Oh wow, Barbie well it sounds like he was kind of like I was. I was very independent (mom schooled me 5th through 12th). And I just remembered being in my room studying and getting it done so I could go be free lol. Mine are 11, 8 (almost 9) and 4 (almost 5). My son is advanced but my middle child is the strong willed type and we are trying a new approach with her since reading is still a challenge. I will be praying for you all! I personally loved it as a kid/teen. Blessings to you.

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