When Your Plans Get Interrupted {#TeaAndWord Linkup + Updates}

Hubby picked out our first real Christmas tree! 11.30.16

When your plans get interrupted..

…you start to throw a mommy freak-out fit but then remember who you serve.

Yes. This has been me!

A few days before Thanksgiving rolled around, everyone in our household became sick.  No biggie, it happens.  We stayed in on Thanksgiving so as not to spread out germy germs.

A few days later we started seeing spots. Literally. It wasn’t just that cabin fever y’all.

Fast forward another two weeks bringing us up to now, we have been through a couple doc trips, one being a misdiagnosis eventually concluding it was not pox but ringworm.

Supposedly. I say this because the vet was too booked for me to get our new kittens in right away.  Still, I am blaming those little furballs since the time was almost to the T of when we got them.

What else could happen?

We are typically car-less but I was desperate to be able to have the car in case of medical emergency what with all the yuckies going on and all.

My mom graciously offered to watch my youngens’ while I took my husband to work that day.  It is almost a 2 hour drive and when we got there we got to go on a scavenger hunt for a trailer they assigned him to.

That was fun.  It was like hide and seek with real stuff in a real town…only he got paid for it.

Hours later I got back home and was excited to use these cool Old Navy cash coupons I had been holding onto so I could get my son some pants that actually fit him.

The store was all sold out and they were only found online.

He is a rare size, if any of you moms know…short and semi-husky is very hard to find. Plus he hates jeans, buttons and itchy things.  It narrows it way down for me.

Behold I had everything added to my cart, excited as ever to basically be getting free clothes that were brand new and I set my laptop down on my bed for just a sec, walked away and came back to a kitten looking at me with one eyebrow raised.

I sat down and attempted to finish but to my dismay the airplane mode on my computer was ON and the wifi was OFF.

Simple fix right?

With the switch of a button one just needs to swipe it from OFF back to ON or whichever comes first.


Too easy.

I tried over and over again but nothing would work.  The button literally moved back to ON each time automatically as if some sort of cyber ghost was taunting me, making sure I could not finish my shopping nor prepare for #MondayManifesto on time.


What’s A Mom To Do?

I complained under my breath at first.  I stomped and huffed for a few.  I felt rotten and cheated and downright blah.

I had everything going, was on schedule for my blog post and now this.  Get me some diapers and a pacifier and call it a day.

But I knew about these things:

These things that happen and we have zero control over them.  

These things that tempt us to loose our cool, self control flying out the window on a magic carpet ride headed to a red carpet party without us.

I took a deep breath and thought about it all. About how my kids and I weren’t doing too well anyways, about how I really needed to just chill.


God would supply the pants.

He always supplies the things we need in a creative way just when we need them.  So I let that go.

I remembered I needed to reapply the ointment on everyone again and between the handful of us that took an hour so I got started on it, leaving the laptop alone.

After the meds were administered I cranked up the radio and did some dishes.

God spoke to me through the speakers.

For days I had no internet access on my laptop all because a sly little black kitten named Ninja decided to live up to his name.

I didn’t even have a Facebook app downloaded to get online due to a recent phone issue happening that left me with a little 3G trackphone of which I am still grateful for so I can talk to my husband!

God sometimes interrupts our plans so He can show us a better way…

Some really awesome things happened all because of this, despite the chaos of sickness and puppy/kitten madness.

There was so much that came from days of being sick and involuntarily unplugged but I can’t give it all away right now.

I hope you all had a great week and feel free to link up your posts below!

Hopefully next week things will be more on track (including the continuation of The Trucker’s Wife) and I will be sure to feature one of you!





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23 thoughts on “When Your Plans Get Interrupted {#TeaAndWord Linkup + Updates}

  1. Oh Meg, you have been through it friend. I’m so glad it turned out to not be pox. While ringworm isn’t a bowl of cherries, it’s so much easier to contend with. I’m blessed by your perspective and that you are resting in God’s faithfulness. xoxo

    1. Yes, this bout has given us a run for it but staying the right attitude is helping. It hasn’t gone away easily and the doc said it’s the worse case she’s ever seen. I am seeing improvement on me and my youngest daughter so I pray the others aren’t far behind since it appears we are all a day or two off from each other on the phase of it. Cats going in on Thursday yay lol! Thanks for stopping by sweet, friend! I pray you are well and know your words are a blessing to me!

      1. Heavens, no! It was perfect! I’m just a nervous nelly about all things technical, so it always feels like a small miracle when I manage to do something — and it works! So happy to gather at your place!

  2. Dear Meg, Oh, I have found this to be true so often: “There was so much that came from days of being sick and involuntarily unplugged.” God redeems those times that feel wasted to us, and surprises us with Beauty on the way! But I am so sorry for the trial of sickness that you all have had to walk through! I am excited to hear about the good that God brought about through it, though! May He bless you with restored health and energy.

    1. Thanks for your sweet reminder, friend. He is so faithful even in the times I deem uglier and you are right, He forges beauty out of them! Yes, in the right time I want to share some of it…xoxoxo blessings to you!!!

  3. Meg,
    Oh my! You took everything in stride! Just one of those many interruptions would have sent me under the covers, never to emerge! It is crazy to think how one little unintended slide across your laptop could frustratingly change your settings — I can relate (but not to the kitten bandit since I am happily pet-less!) but you should be nominated for Mom of the Year — I’ll vote for you! xoxox

    1. Oh LOL, Valerie I love you lady! I sire didn’t feel like it at the time but just glad I distracted myself quickly or I may have started howling our beagle!! Thanks for these sweet words, friend – you always make me smile! Blessings to you!!

  4. I have a boy like yours! The pants thing is always a struggle here too, so I can relate 🙂 It sounds like God reminded you of all you need this week! Praying for complete healing and joy and rest!

  5. Wow, what a time you’ve had! I hope things are settling down a little. I’ve had problems with the computer like you. They weren’t caused by a cat, but often I’ll just be ready to send or comment or order and the internet messes up. Sometimes it comes back right away and other times it doesn’t. Rather than getting upset I need to take that opportunity to do something else. Maybe God is trying to get my attention away from some much online time. I’m working on it. 🙂 Blessings to you! xo

    1. It’s hard but I am too. We are in progress aren’t we? I think His gentle calling to us to always depend on Him seems to be at root of it ( I think). I pray for you daily, Gayl and hope this week has been good for you and your family!

      1. Thank you, Meg! I really appreciate your prayers. May God bless you and I will try to remember to keep you in my prayers. xo

  6. Sorry it’s been such a crazy week! My reaction when my plans are interrupted is the same- freak out first and then remember who is in charge! It helps a lot when we get to that place. I love your comment that “God sometimes interrupts our plans so He can show us a better way…” I’m glad you’ve been able to see him at work, even when it seemed chaotic!

    1. Thank you, friend. I can see why He wants us to be good learners and take advice from older people who have been following Him for longer maybe? Because they have walked the road a bit longer and saw that no matter God was always faithful ya know? Because it is so hard to see when we are actually in it. I am thankful for you! Have a blessed day girl!

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