4 Things to Remember in Life When Learning [from Others]

There are various methods in which we can consume information and learn.

Chances are if you have landed on this page, that you typed certain key-words into the search box and decided to click the link. You could be subscribed to this content, or be following along on my social media.

I don’t know your background or what you are going through, or why you are here in this moment but there could be 2 things about you I bet I do know.

It’s only a guess, and correct me if I am wrong….

….but I think you like to read & learn.


We read for different reasons. Sometimes we read for leisure and at other times we read to learn about something.

When we read, the information we are taking in can be healthy or damaging depending on the content and how we perceive it.

Reading is just one way we can learn. 

Being a home educator, I am all about finding a child’s strengths, weaknesses and curiosities in order to feed each appropriately.  I am learning….

There are four different types of learners. (source)

One learner and inventor whom I appreciate and have enjoyed learning more about is the co-founder of Apple, Inc. He was an industrial designer and a leader who inspired ingenuity.


“Jobs repeatedly emphasized that Apple’s mantra would be simplicity.” (source)

I admire Steve’s love of learning and going against the grain of the norm. He went on adventures and learned from people and places, and took that knowledge and ran with it.

But my discernment tells me to be mindful of who I learn from.  Notice I said mindful, not paranoid.

Did you know learning is a gift from God?

Daniel, also called Beltesshazzar, wasn’t known for going with the flow of the world either.

He and his three friends [the ones you may remember who were thrown into the fiery furnace and survived: see Daniel chapter 3], had a hunger for learning but more importantly a hunger for a relationship with God.

“God gave these four youths great ability to learn and they soon mastered all the literature and science of the time…” Daniel 1:17 The Living Bible

Daniel was born during King Josiah’s reign. Daniel also quotes Jeremiah the prophet in Daniel 9:2 and it makes me think maybe just maybe these godly men of influence had a slight impact him.

“The wise man’s words are like goads that spur to action. They nail down important truths. Students are wise who master what their teachers tell them.” – Ecclesiastes 12:11

There are many amazing leaders I can learn from, but the One who is completely perfect and loves me perfectly is my Father in Heaven, my Maker.

I want to take my own risks, teach my kids by way of example, and use the time I have been given on this earth to live fully and freely within His bounds.

Some people’s advice, though given with good intention, may not be the best for me.

“I will instruct you (says the Lord) and guide you along the best pathway for your life; I will instruct you and watch your progress.” – David, Psalms 32:8 The Living Bible

That being said, we don’t have to live in fear that someone is teaching us wrongly.

We believers in Christ Jesus can pray for wisdom and discernment from God himself. We can take what we have learned and see what He says about it in the Bible.

4 Things to Remember When Learning from Others

  • Learning is a gift from God.
  • Success may look different for some.
  • Not all [successful] leaders have the same values/beliefs.
  • God is the only perfect leader/teacher.

Maybe giving credit to God in Heaven for life and learning isn’t the most popular thing, but I won’t shy away from doing it because it is the foundation of what I believe. I never liked to go with the grain either….


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3 thoughts on “4 Things to Remember in Life When Learning [from Others]

  1. Dear Meg,
    These are such great thoughts to keep our hearts fresh with the hunger to learn. I am so thankful that we can never get to the end of learning more, and being taught anew. And thanks for the encouragement to keep that learning filtered through our greatest teacher of all–He will guide us on those right paths. And your children are so blessed to have you (with God’s help) teaching and guiding them, individually, on those right paths! May you be blessed with a wonderful Christmas week, my friend! Hugs! xo

  2. Such a timely reminder for me. I struggle sometimes (most of the time) with balance. How do I balance what I want to be doing with what needs to be done? I’ve got Mary and Martha warring inside me, and most days it’s hard to tell who is winning. I long for more of Jesus in the ordinary of my day.

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