Holy Spirit leads me to a quiet, inner place.

When the world can’t sit still and that is the very thing I long for…

..where will I go but to the Lord?


The sky is a smokey shade of periwinkle, the wind strong and hair whipping.  I can hear the sound of the big trucks on the parkway far off.  The small shrubs out front are shivering in the cold breeze as they convulse and then hold still for a minute to catch their breath.

My friend, coffee, was just sitting there getting cold as I wrote out a prayer for the day. I glanced down at my calendar and journal, both filled with purposeful thoughts and goals, reminders, prayers and thanks alike.


I’ll not understand the reason I ever stopped this way of life.

It was a slow fade I suppose. Nevertheless, in a year’s time I went from peace in the unknown and trials, to wildly terrified and worn out, back into God’s loving arms and feeling His peace once again.

Father has me in awe that He is not so turned off from this childish seeming behavior that He’d leave me to figure it out myself. Instead, He is always waiting with open arms to scoop me up into His lap and reassure me He is still Father and Holder-together-of-everything.

Like a frightened child I had been, from nightmares that seemed to play out in my real life. Finally I figured out that though the pain doesn’t necessarily lessen, there is a way to defeat fear moment by moment.

One of the ways is realizing the enemy always makes things appear worse than they really are and that no matter the pain or struggle, I can deliberately close my eyes to fear-giving things and focus my eyes and thoughts on Father, who is Giver of peace and hope.


I open His word and remember His breath is what fills my lungs.  He really is running this show, but in His humble and gentle way.

It doesn’t mean I am playing pretend like a child, or in denial for that matter. It simply means honing in on the One who has the real power.  Father.

And so I inhale Father’s goodness, and exhale the toxic. Kelly Balarie, author of Fear Fighter mentioned this in her book.


As real muscles need rest, so also do spiritual ones.

This past week I backed away from the blog, social media, and all things computer/phone related to just rest. My faith muscle needed to rest in Father. His strength.

I drove a lot. I’m not saying there weren’t some crazy full days of serving. But it was from a different place. A spiritually rested one.  A joyous one.

I can see why the enemy wouldn’t want me to get rested physically and wake up at 4am and be with my Father each day.  It’s pretty amazing and powerful. Nonetheless, I am trusting the power from my Father is more than able to conquer slue foot in my life.

I took time to stop and take pictures. A favorite pastime of mine.

I was blessed by another blogger friend during this time. I received a book in the mail that has already been a useful tool toward this years goal of healthy change. It is called Disciplines of the Beautiful Woman, by Ann Ortlund.

I have been soaking up this book and will admit something akin to a small fire was ignited within me. I did the hard thing I’d been putting off of overhauling my drawers and closets.

I was already a minimalist anyhow, I just needed the nudge I guess.  So I got rid of everything of mine except for a few pairs of shoes, a few shirts and a few pants.



Less laundry equals more living. – Tweet

Thank you, Heather. Thank you, Ann. Thank you, Father.


Her use of notebooks and planers reminds me of how I always envisioned things but never kept the wheel spinning.  I am usually very good at starting things indeed but have a real knack for fizzling out.

Finishing something felt good. – Tweet

As pastor said this week though, “How we finish is far greater than how we start [this life].

More on this topic to come I feel.

This past week on my blog break I enjoyed time with Father, no other concerns but Him and family and church family, and whoever else was in the path thereof.

As I sit here, writing from rest, it was honestly hard to open up the computer again because I wasn’t sure if I was about to mess up the peace.

Then I remembered seasons, and I remembered faith. And I remembered thoughts that were stayed on Him.

Father says when we commit our ways to Him our plans will succeed [see Proverbs 16:3].

I am not even sure what my plans exactly are, though I know the deep rooted dream and varying visions that lie in my heart. They all have to do with and point back to Him.


The joy of not knowing fully or trying to have control is that I know just the outline, just enough to go in the right direction but have wisdom to let Father lead.

Shiver goes up my back. The heat must have kicked off. I can hear the wind slashing through the tree branches and smacking the side of the house.

I look over at my friend, coffee and he wants to be warm again.  Time to gravitate toward the heat.  Thermostat and microwave, here we come.


Father oh, I love you and I thank you for these blessed people you have put in my life. They may never know fully the important role they are playing but I want you to bless them and lift them up. Fill them with Your goodness and let them find you in the everyday. In the valleys and mountaintops alike.  Lead them beside still waters and keep their hearts at peace, no matter what the world is screaming at them.  We are under the shadow of your wings forever. Amen.

Check out this post from Katie M. Reid featuring Kelly Balarie’s testimony.

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15 thoughts on “Holy Spirit leads me to a quiet, inner place.

  1. Dear Meg, Oh I can’t express how timely this is for me! A friend had sent me a link for the song “Great Are you Lord,” and I had it running in the background as I read your post. Amazingly–just as I was reading your thought: “I open His word and remember His breath is what fills my lungs,” I realized they were singing those very words “it’s your breath in our lungs,” right then! Thank you for this beautiful confirmation of what God is speaking this morning! Many Blessings and Hugs to you my friend! xoxo

  2. Hi Meg, I was led to read this post from a link our lovely mutual friend, Bettie G, sent to me. And I’m so glad I did! All of it spoke to me and these words, especially, are just what I needed to read and absorb in a time of increasing anxiety for myself and my husband:

    “I open His word and remember His breath is what fills my lungs. He really is running this show, but in His humble and gentle way.”

    Thank you so much for this uplifting reminder of just Who has the final say on our lives and how important it is to rest ourselves in Him. Bless you! 🙂 x

    1. Thank you, Sarah! It was definitely a God thing. I usually take a bit to piece together my posts but I prayed thoroughly before jumping back in and the words just came at once. I’m in awe of how He produces fruit after it feels like we’ve been “cut back!” Have a blessed week and I’m honored that you would share!

  3. Hey Meg! Good for you! I’ve had a break from blogging since November, but mostly becasue of my church duties being pretty demanding and I couldn’t seem to find time to even think it seemed. Then after the first of the year, I too took a purposeful break to refocus on my Heavenly Father! It is so good, refreshing, and restful when we spend time with Him isn’t it? I enjoyed reading your post today and getting caught up in what has been going on with you. Blessings, enjoy your time breathing in the spirit as He leads you into more rest and quiet.

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