A blogger’s best tip when dealing with overload.

It was forty-five minutes past midnight as the screen from the laptop kept my face lit up while I pounded out another thousand words onto the white page.

I just couldn’t stop.  Once I had an idea in my head, I had to get it down or I’d forget. Only thing was, the next morning came too early with a side of grouchy momma.

Some of you may have guessed it was me in this story here: The workoholic writer. Holy Spirit had been speaking to me about this.

I knew change had to come, I just wasn’t sure where to start.

stressed Christian blogger mom

I don’t resent hard work. And I don’t despise long hours at my laptop typing because it is something I am passionate about.

For me, writing allows me to share and serve from a cheerful place!

But what happens when there’s no self control or accountability?

You get a consumed momma.

I was listening to a Compel Training session in an interview with Kelly Minter who said, “…from the inspiration to the perspiration.”

She was referring to the hard disciplines that continue long after the calling.

Going from the lovey-dovey stage of a writing project to the hard part is okay with me, now I just a problem with stopping, hence the writing break.

I had to get back in sync with my Father.  This blog overload and a lack of boundaries in it caused me to spend less time with Him.

I wasn’t very organized but was on a roll, it was just something I had to learn the hard way I guess – that no ounce of anything good is worth my relationship with Father.

When a blogger-mom takes on too much at once.

At the rate I was going mixed with everything else I had going on at home, balls were dropping in all the wrong places.

First I had to admit this, then I prayed.  I was scared I might have to give up writing all together if God was still calling me to home school.

I didn’t want to quit another hobby-turned-work again!  I have had a track record of this.  Just research Teerific Tots® or Salutes N Sandals.  Yes, you can giggle. I will hide my embarrassment and go remind myself it was nice that I tried at all!

As I cried out to Father, which in that season I did a lot of crying out it seemed,…he helped me find a way to move forward with blogging without allowing other areas in my life to suffer.

I had to cut out excess in order make my writing goals manageable.

Not only my writing goals, but life!

Finding balance was going to be the key to the upkeeping.

This sort of reminded me of how my son learns.  If he sees too many math problems on the page all at once, he gets overwhelmed and wants to run.

Same concept here.

Just as I learned the load my son could handle at a time, I had to learn my own workload.

My best blogger tip found from my own personal experience is this: Cut out the excess to make room for what counts today.

Cutting back never feels like progress in the beginning. Just ask any writer who has had to go under the radar while working on an obscure project.

Less usually feels like less in today’s American culture, but I am going against the grain – to go God’s way, so He can grow me in this thing slayed with words.

Will you be open to cutting out excess in your life in order to make room for what matters in this current season?

It just might be the most fruitful pruning you’ve ever seen.

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43 thoughts on “A blogger’s best tip when dealing with overload.

  1. meg – I love your heart and writing passion. You are good at it – and you are good at knowing when to quit – the rub is in the listening and doing. now that you’ve confessed publicly!…you will know when to write and when to not.(Of course, I knew NOT to eat that second piece of banana cake last night…) Your lesson/principle is true throughout–balance for the sake of God’s moment by moment essentials makes life with Him free of risk and free, indeed. You’re a gem.

    1. You seriously made me smile big today. I have been anticipating the moment I got to sit down and tell you. Read your comment this morning. What a blessing this was! So thankful for you. Wish we could have a coffee date, mom!! 🙂

  2. “I had to get back in sync with my Father. This blog overload and a lack of boundaries in it caused me to spend less time with Him.” Meghan, this is where I often find myself. I keep telling myself I need a blogging plan instead of whenever the feeling strikes me. I also know I need less time on social media. That’s one of my biggest hindrances. I’m making a little bit of progress and I appreciate your words in sharing your struggles, too.

    Blessings to you!

    1. I totally did that for years, Gayl so I feel you! I still say if it comes down to no writing at all or writing by the seat of your pants then do the latter. But yes, oh my how I am treasuring the planning method (still led by the Spirit). More to come about all this! Thanks for your support, honesty and encouragement.

  3. Thanks for sharing wisdom learned in the trenches. I also struggle with balance — washing dishes while scribbling phrases onto a soapy piece of notebook paper on the counter, teaching algebra and popping up to respond to a blog comment . . . somehow in our fallenness we manage to turn “every good and perfect gift” into a ball and chain.
    Blessings as you work your way into healthy boundaries.

    1. Michele you always leave me a sticky statement (as Lysa T. says) here and I LOVE them ha! The every good and perfect gift/ball & chain. Wow. I may have to quote you on that. Thanks for the encouragement and I am praying for you too!

  4. This is so good. There have been many times that I try to take on more things rather than slow down and choose intentionally. Your reminder today to cut out the excess for what counts is much needed. Thank you for this truth.

    1. Yes, I almost did it even today! There’s just so much good material and advice out there that I find it hard to not sign up for everything (which is a topic I am going to cover soon too in this series.) I appreciate you Mary and loved your post today.

  5. Dear Meg, These are such good thoughts! It seems to me that every new season requires a re-learning of these principles of balance. So that no matter how well I might have learned and walked in that way in the past, the new season has new challenges that must be faced and re-prioritized. Thank you so much for encouraging me to pay attention to the Spirit’s promptings again, today. Blessings and Hugs!

  6. PS Since the new year, I’ve made a plan: blog batch Tuesday’s and Friday’s- 2-3 hours each. That’s it. Refine the night before, if necessary. Write for other stuff: longer articles, book proposals, retreat talks, workshops, marketing – on Monday’s and Wednesdays. Thursdays I’m off – unless I’ve had 5 coffee/lunches in one week and gotten off above schedule – like last week. It helps. I’m a spontaneous person, so this loose schedule has helped and I have time to give baby showers and make new mama meals – you know, the things we are meant to do!

  7. Yes! With writing, I find working and working to be so… easy–but draining. I keep circling back to my computer and just doing this or that, but it adds up to burn out if I don’t specifically take time away from it. Thanks for the reminder of how important balance is!

  8. Hiya Meg,
    I too can let my passion drive me to a frenzy until I’m left feeling completely depleted. I recently made up my mind to reprioritize and start checking things off my list. So far it’s working and I’m feeling more accomplished in the areas I’m called. Your writing is awesome and motivating! So glad you are with us in By His Grace.

    1. Yes, I agree. I used to do everything on a whim and if unfinished not returning to the computer to finish “that” but doing whatever (unplanned) and it was utter chaos. This May not be the case for eveeyone, I just have distraction issues and try to do too much. Thanks for your input here and kind words!

  9. Yes, we do have to cut out the excess and do what counts, but that means we have to first, know what counts. and often that can be something other than the project that burns inside us. I don’t know how many times I’m interrupted from my computer to tend to something in the family that is seemingly far less important than what I’m doing, but then God reminds me that his priorities are often much different than mine. Thanks for the post.

    1. Yes this is so true. I homeschool my three kiddos and I had to learn how to prioritize my life so that I could teach them without giving up selfcare or that intimate quiet time with God early in the mornings. That’s why I’m so excited about this series. It took me a long time to get my day to feel like it had peace and order. Once it did, I was able to still find a chunk of time to put pen to paper. Thanks so much for sharing here. Sorry that reply was so long, just wanted you to know my heart in that. Blessings!

  10. Meg! I can totally relate,and yes, cutting out the excess is essential, I’m just not very good at it all the time.I had to take writing break for several months, cause something had to give I tend to find myself doing the exact same things you described, and I too can get lost in sitting at the computer and lose track of time…that part I have learned to find to balance in, but I am still working on the other. I appreciate your honesty and authenticity in your writing.

  11. Meg, that balance is so hard to recognize, isn’t it? I swear I wouldn’t recognize it if it fell out of a tree and hit me on the head a lot of days. ((hug)) Good luck with the homeschooling decision. We homeschooled for 13 years. Graduated our two oldest, and then this year put our youngest into a private school for high school. To give you some hope…there’s definitely balance involved (as with all of life), but it’s definitely doable to write and homeschool at the same time. ((blessings))

    1. Thanks, Brenda- we are taking it year by year. I honestly never feel qualified yet I have fun with it really. Yes balance is one of those things that can’t be boxer in or looks the same for all. I’m so glad my days are feeling more at peace and I can see accomplishments though. I was homeschooled from 5-12 too. We used Christian Liberty for my senior year. Thanks for sharing here – it means a lot to me! God bless you and your family.

  12. Meg, sorry I missed the update to your site- it’s looking gorgeous! Also- the Lord confirmed something for me through your writing today. I’m a freelance writer- I write for marketing purposes as a career most of the day then I write for the Lord as a paying-only-in-Gods-currency career the rest of the time. I hit my tipping point this week where, like you said, I’m up past midnight happily pounding out the words but dropping the ball the next day. Again- your post is so well-timed for me. THANK YOU. And thanks for the tip- it confirms something I was asking the Lord to clairfy for me this morning. Keep writing, dear friend, with the boundaries and accountability of the Holy Spirit. He’s working through you!

    1. I’m so glad God spoke to you through it, friend. This means lot plus receiving a confirmation is always nice!!! I think that’s great how you write and I am working for free basically right now too lol. God always provides though! Praying for you friend. Xoxo

      1. Thanks Meg- I pray someday the Lord will financially support through writing about Him instead of the finances being tied to writing about all the worldly stuff of marketing. : ) He does always provide!!

  13. Meg, great post! And one most of us who write need to remember. I loved this line, “It just might be the most fruitful pruning you’ve ever seen.” It feels counter-intuitive, but so true! Thanks for baring your soul and expressing what we all feel at times. I’d love it if you’d linkup on Mondays @ Soul Survival some time. Blessings!

  14. Meg, love this simple tip that can make a powerful difference. I have actually had to implement this very thing for not just my writing but because of my mood disorder. I’ve had to learn to give myself the grace to only take on what is possible and leave the excess behind! Such a great word, and so glad I could catch up with your beautiful blog once more. xxoo

    1. Grace – yes! I’ve been thinking about you and praying for you, Christine. I missed the last video on FB I think…had to take a break from popping in as much. It’s my personality. It is so hard for me to do something for just minute. I tend to get immersed in whatever I am doing.I hope all is well and thanks for stopping in! I hope to be by yours soon. I had taken a break from blog visiting over the holidays so it is nice to get back into a routine. I missed everyone. Have a great weekend!

  15. One of my favorite movie lines is: “More isn’t always better, sometimes it’s just more.” It seems like continually pruning is necessary to keep me on track. A good word today, Meghan! Blessings on your weekend.

  16. Love this Meg! I also just wrote about pruning love and also am trying to pare back and listen before I leap. A weary task this letting go and following God, come what may. Blessings as you follow His lead- I look forward to where He takes you!

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