A Morning Meeting.



So quiet you could here a pin drop, I tiptoed into the kitchen to pour water into the coffee pot.  Start.

I pulled up the blind near my favorite corner of the sofa.  I took a deep breath in.  Made it in time.

Pulling out my phone, I headed for the front door.  Cracking it open, I snapped a few photos of sunrise.  I breathed in the cold air.  Awakening.

I walked around for a few minutes and took another photo.  Brighter.

I walked around for another few minutes and took another photo. Even brighter.


No matter what the day held, this was the time for the great and glorious meeting with Father.  He would always show up in various ways. Creative.

Showing off His handiwork in the air, the sounds or lack of it.  Showing up in song, in art, in words.  Life.

I take the morning in, and spend that time with Him and it always navigates me through-out the day to just be.  Breathe.



This was a 5 minute free write with Kate Motaung & the crew for #FiveMinuteFriday.  Check out her blog to find out more about this writing community! Today’s word prompt:


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5 thoughts on “A Morning Meeting.

  1. Ahhh, Meg. You and I do the same thing. I LOVE to capture God’s sunrises as they progress. Whether the morning is frigid or warm, seeing those colors and capturing them with a camera make my spirit breathe deep. It’s always such a great way to begin a new day.

    I love the photos you caught!

  2. Dear Meg, What a beautiful way to start the day: God’s Sunrise and God’s Breath. Love how you captured the sunrise at different moments, just the way that God is with us through each moment!

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