For Spouses Separated by Distance: A Daily Prayer for Guidance

prayer for daily guidance from the psalms

Love Across the Phone Line

My head dropped. Still not coming home?

I laid the phone down and it surfaced. The gushing river of tears.  The phone rang again and I tried to get it together.  Don’t like making him feel any worse than he already does when these things happen.

He was calling back to check on me. He had heard the sniffle.

Today he wasn’t his chipper self.  The GPS we paid a ton for was having issues.

Somehow in all His might, Holy Spirit strengthened me right there and I made sure husband new I was alright.  And I felt this truth.

Husband said he would try to call the service providers. We hung up.

God really did help me.  Usually I can’t get over hard news quick.  Usually I dwell on it and all its hardness.

“..instead of resisting the change of plans, I embraced it.” – Crystal Storms

Breathing in deeply, I stood up and praised Him.

Turning my mind, drenching my mind in His truths was the only way for me to be sustained.  This has been proven in my life.

He called back and told me the company was going to completely replace it all!


Have you ever been so in need of a life line? Of Hope? I understand, friend.  I found if I dwell on a problem or situation for too long, I can get overwhelmed and forget to turn my eyes to the Fixer, the Master, my Savior and Friend.  

His timing is not like ours and I truly believe He wants to take the things we deem impossibly hard and frustrating and use them for good.  I believe he is using this time in our lives to draw us closer to Himself.  

You can believe this truth in your own situation too.  Thanks so much for hiking on the trail with me today.  I found a verse I really like to pray and made a Pinterest graphic for you, hope you enjoy.

psalm 143:8-10 The Message, daily prayer


I hope this blessed you today, friend. No matter what life circumstance you are in, know that God can and will use it to fashion and forge you as you surrender daily to Him.

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14 thoughts on “For Spouses Separated by Distance: A Daily Prayer for Guidance

  1. Aw, Meg, you are so strong! I couldn’t fathom not having my husband home daily. What a testimony to God’s ability to sustain and grow love, even over a distance- and the Holy Spirit’s surprising work! I tend to linger to, and when I don’t, it’s often for just this reason- He brought me to praise and called my attention to HIM instead. Thanks for your example and the beautiful translation!

    1. Thanks, sweet friend. God has definitely grown us in the four years he’s being doing this, but we are in a much better place now. It’s amazing how with His help in time how far we can come. Thanks for stopping by here and keep praying for us as I will you all!

  2. Dear Meg, Oh you have my prayers, dear friend! God is so good to keep sustaining you in a hard place. Thank you for sharing these uplifting words, of how God came through for you. And this Scripture Prayer is something I want to hold onto daily also. Truly, God is our only hope! Blessings and Hugs!

  3. Seperation is never easy. I haven’t seen my husband for several days due to a business trip. I can’t wait to see him tonight! 😀 But yes, waiting on the Lord’s timing is never easy. I didn’t meet my husband until I was 30…I thought God had left me off the “to be married” list. Now, we have waited several years for a child. But we have learned that His timing is perfect and rest in the peace that His way is the best way…not always easy, but the best. 😉

  4. Oh Sweet Meg… I am so sorry, and thank you for being you and sharing your heart authentically. Its one of the things I have loved about you from the first time I ever read your blog. I am so glad Holy Spirit did what He does best and brought you to peace, even though your heart still hurt that hubby wasn’t coming home when planned. I know that must be hard. Love you my sweet friend!

  5. Meg,
    In our marriage I’m the travelling one. I love what I’m doing, traveling and speaking…BUT (and I mean it’s a huge BUT) I hate not being home at night with the hubs. There is nothing more calming than to snuggle in with Todd. Glad to hear you have a hubby who cares when you’re not ok. Such a blessing.
    Praying you experience God’s blessing today in alarming ways.
    ~Sherry Stahl

    1. I forgot it can go the other way, Sherry…praying for you and your family too! How long at a time are you away usually? The curious part of me was wondering since you are an author – or is speaking in and of itself a calling too? Thanks for stopping by and sharing your heart.

      1. Meg, I’m away because I travel speaking and sometimes for the book too. I love what I’m doing and know God’s called me to it or I would never travel this much ’cause I crazy love my hubby 🙂

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